Sunday, April 30, 2006

Religious-right heretics, not Christians

Frank J. Ranelli

The most overwhelming misnomer today is that none, I repeat, none, of these people are Christians. I don’t want to debate faith or personal views on religions, but Jesus has a more tenable and historical value that we can all point to. Which is the crux of my argument on this topic that conservative, right-winged Republicans are truly NOT Christians.

Whether or not Jesus was the son of God is not the issue. You decide that for yourself. The issue that is so often missed and then distorted by the religious right nut cases for their own preferential needs and self pontification is this: Jesus preached a message of peace. He taught an inspirational message that was contemptible to the Jewish priests of the time that all people were worthy of hope, prosperity, fairness, kindness and equality. Whether Jesus was a great man or divine being is irrelevant. He spoke the most basic truths about acceptance of ones neighbor. That if you were graced by good fortune, health and prosperity, to share it with your fellow man. “There by the grace of God go I…”

Jesus was the first real liberal who stood up to the Jewish priests against their corrupt temples and pilfering of money from Jewish peasants. He exposed their contemptuous hate of the common man and how they were stealing from the poor to subsidize their own intemperance for greed and power. Jesus uncovered the incredible deceptiveness and abhorrently insatiable appetites for money and control that the “powers that be” of the time had.

He wisely advised to all who would listen to his simple but matchless wisdom, that everyone has significance, worthiness and is inevitably unrestricted not only to liberty but access to God, not just those chosen by corrupt, mortal dictators based on the size of your tithing to their coffers. Jesus’s ultimate death was, in fact, a direct result of his imminent threat to the rulers of the day and a cautionary tale for the rest of mankind to come.

Most unfortunate, over the last two thousand years a simple, powerful message of humility and compassion has been distorted, filled with falsehoods, used as a weapon of fear, a reason to kill, maim and torture by very depraved and selfish men who exhibit no decency or conscience.

Today, we have subjugators, such as George W. Bush, that have evolved into monstrous totalitarians that will stop at nothing to oppress every person that opposes their warped theocratic ideals of their world. They genuinely believe that people who dissent from their psychotic vision should share the same fate as Jesus.

That is the true irony of the Bush agenda. The very man (Jesus) he claims to have saved him from his (Bush) wicked ways and set him on the path to righteousness, feels no pity or remorse for the unspeakable acts against humanity, crimes against this once great nation, and so many others suffering around the world that he has so willingly imparted on us all.

I am afraid a theocracy and fascist state, created by an evil, misanthropic man, who’s disdainful for anyone outside his aristocratic circle, is insanely evident and already upon us. The question I keep asking is: what are we all going to do about it?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pittsburgh Columnist Smacks Liberal Women in the Mouth with "Poetic Justice"

Frank J. Ranelli

It appears that Mr. Vassilaros, an opinion columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, believes that by using common sense ideas like family planning, liberals are helping build a "super race" for vile conservatives, while we liberals dies off into extinction.

Ladies, take special note of the "conservative, family-valued" Mr. Vassilaros's comment on liberal women:

"Women who are politically conservative typically look much more appealing than liberal ones..."

Apparently, he thinks liberal women are less willing to "whore it up" for their man than conservative women. Well, he got one think right, conservative are whores and will do just about anything to spatter their message of hate, intolerance and impose their "higher ground" beliefs on just about anyone!

Katherine "the heretic" Harris, congresswoman from Florida (R), comes to mind! Katherine Harris is the perfect spokes model for Mr. Vassilaros's 'conservatives-gone-heretic whores' video line. Add in Tammy Faye Baker and a little Anne Coulter and I can see how every red-blooded neocon male would be driven to a frenzy. (Gag....)

It gets even better when he all but espouses work place sexual harrassment and that liberal women are getting in the way of it! (This man has a serious problem!)

"And much less likely to complain about feeling violated or filing a lawsuit whenever he risks giving her a compliment about how hot she looks."

His email and phone are below. Drop him a line or email and let him know how you feel, ladies!

What a neanderthal. Careful, next he will want to club you on the head and drag you into a cave and force you to produce a "litter of puppies" for his large family of conservatives and teach them to spread the neocon message. These people sound more and more like jehovah witnesses, I swear!

Dimitri Vassilaros can be reached at
dvassilaros@tribweb.comor 412-380-5637.

His full "opinion" can be read here:

Liberal poetic justice

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How 'Operation Swarmer' Turned Out to be More of a Casual Buzz

Frank J. Ranelli

Last month President Bush (now known as "Mr. Freeze" for his 32% approval rating), in a desperate move to regain some traction and footing in his ‘war on terror’, pulled out the propaganda machine once again. (Yawn…) Using big covert, code words, like "Operation Swarmer", Bush huffed and puffed hoping to blow the house down- that his war on terror was working by launching a “massive military strike” against insurgents. Only problem, Operation Swarmer, was less of a swarm and more of a casual buzz.

Turns out, according to Time Magazine, 'Swarmer' was nothing more than a photo-op! Like a pathological liar or drug addict, Bush keeps reaching into his bag of deception, hoping to fool a few more people, to buy his ornateness grandstanding of would-be do-gooder deeds in hopes of a quick fix and a bolster in his polls. The ones he does not read or care about, by his own admission!

Seems to me, Bush, not the insurgents in Iraq, is in his "final throws" and perhaps, just perhaps, Americans have been fooled one too many times by the musty muttering of a president who long ago lost his credibility with the people of this nation.

I speak only for myself here, but Bush didn't "have me at hello" and he lost me the moment he said, "I solemnly swear...", with one hand on the Bible and the other behind his back, fingers crossed and a wink at Chief Justice Rehnquist.

To our 43rd president, I only say this, “No more photo ops, no more staged sympathy, no more lies and no more blame games or diversions from the truth. You are an imposter and woefully unfit to be President and should resign immediately!”

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Patriotic questions that must be asked

Frank J. Ranelli

Much to my disgust, a recent survey found that 25% of Americans are willing to give up certain civil liberties in order to make us feel safe. Feel safe from what and from whom? Which freedoms do we give up, in the name of safety, and which liberties do we keep? Who gets to decide this absurd notion and why?

When we start deciding that certain liberties are negotiable, and can be suspended in the name of national safety, then the terrorists are likely to view this as a victory for them. After all, isn't that the goal of terrorism- to control and subjugate through fear? Since when did the U.S. negotiate with terrorists and who decided the ‘bargaining chip’ was our civil rights?

I will bet if we were asked to give up the right to bear arms, this pathetic argument Bush apologists make, would have a very different view! Couldn't it be argued that giving up guns would make us safer as a nation? How many people are murdered and die from gun shot wounds every year?

The reality is this; we can barricade ourselves right into a dictatorship and a police state, lose much of our independence and still be at incredible risk. Truth be told, the only thing that makes us free AND safe is the freedom to choose and the right to do so.

Some people mistakenly say that Bush as president makes us safer. I put forward the question, "who will save us from Bush?"

Lies, Deception and Treason: The Bush Legacy

Frank J. Ranelli

As a true American, one must ask, how deep does this rabbit hole of lies, deception and outright treason really go with George Bush?

Bush’s shameless lies to the American people have gone from dishonest to perverse. And with the corporate media giants genuflecting to his every request of only “positive coverage”, the republican majority supporting him with a blind eye, it would appear that “We the People”, may all but have lost our voice in governing our own nation.

His pack of lies neatly packaged and reconstituted by the master of deception, Karl Rove, as legitimate reasons to wage war have been skillfully sold and then admonished by anyone who dare challenge them.

Bush is often wrong but seldom questioned about his duplicity and despicable actions. I suggest that those in doubt turn off the war propaganda fed news channels and do your own research about the truth. Read the Downing Street memos; trace the Bush family’s war profiteering history by reading “American Dynasty”, by Kevin Phillips. Uncover how he intended to “take Saddam out…” illegally, without UN support, under false pretenses and fabricated intelligence to persuade congress to declare war. These are impeachable offenses under our Constitution.

Yes America, it is time for you to take notice, act and demand justice. It is time for Mr. Bush to step out from behind his magic curtain and answer the real reasons we went to war- oil and to control the Middle East.

Bush’s Battle at the Little Bighorn

Frank J. Ranelli

On February 24th, 2006, George Bush haughtily floated the “veto card” for the first time since taking office. In typical irreverent fashion, Bush seemed smug and unfazed by the veracity of the firestorm surrounding the sale of control of six major US ports.

Bush seems to have missed the part about a 2/3's Congressional vote to override his veto, as per Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution. “The president is permitted to veto specific legislative acts, but Congress has the authority to override presidential vetoes by two-thirds majorities of both houses.”

Congress can, and likely will, pass legislation against this sale and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) has already threatened an override veto.

Since Bush does not read (by his own admission) and has arrogantly assumed the role of dictator of the United States, one must also assume that he is unaware of the fact that he is not indomitable. That Congress, no matter how loyal to this point they have been, will turn on him like a pack of rabid dogs if their own political careers are at stake.

Not to mention of course, that most polls across the US show little, if any, support for the sale of control of our major ports to an Arab country. Across the country Congressional leaders are receiving an out-pouring of contempt for this transaction from constituents on both side of the aisle. Even Governors are threatening legal action to stop the sale.

One must ask; what did Bush expect? After a three year campaign of relentless fear-based propaganda on his signature issue- the War on Terror, he flip-flops. Did he really expect his loyal base of near mindless disciples, who he consistently brow-beat to fear and hate the Arab world, that they would roll over on his personal invitation, to a country with proven ties to terrorism, to “just come on in to the port of New York City and have another crack at, oh, let’s say, the Statue of Liberty?”

I predict that this will be Bush’s battle at the Little Bighorn. And, like Custer, he is outgunned in everyway, but arrogance and ego will force him to indignantly and foolishly fight, and he will go down in a “political haze of bullets.”

As the saying goes, “Washington’s graveyard is littered with those who considered themselves indispensable.”

Its time to bury George’s political career in an unmarked grave apart from a warning label: Toxic- hazardous to democracy.

Bush’s stolen presidency is an American crisis, not a partisan cry

Frank J. Ranelli
April 25, 2006

George W. Bush is more than a stain blotting American’s history books. He is a terrifying chapter in American history, already punctuated by a litany of transgressions against this nation's people. Bush is a growing bibliography that can only be summed up as a collection of pages and references from Hitler’s book on how to fleece a nation through deceit, war propaganda and fear!

Bush’s defiant, derisive attitude that mocks even the most hardcore conservative believer, further demonstrates he is not a president of or for the people. The latest, which can only be described as “unthinkable”, is Bush’s backing of the UAE sale of our ports. As many are keenly aware, polls show that the American public is against this transaction by a wide margin. Some polls show those against it to be at or near 90%. Couple this with the latest CBS poll of his job approval at an unbelievably low of 34% and yet he still stubbornly refuses to yield to the will of the people.

I have poured over the Downing Street Memos, the 9/11 Commission Report, the Patriot Act, the authorization use of force bill (HJ-114), John Conyers congressional House Judiciary report: “The Constitution in Crisis” and its accompanying bill, H. Res. 635, the FEMA failures, the NSA illegal spying all the way to the sinister core of this regime; the PNAC and the endless pay for play political corruption and corporatism of America. The above alone, can only be classified as stunning; yet there is still so much more!

As a patriot of the 21st century, a defender of democracy and our constitution, I find myself at a crossroads. Spending 4-6 hours per day, over nearly two years, judiciously studying every malevolent move the Bush administration makes, pushing us closer and closer into fascism and an aristocratic theocracy/monarchy, I have reached an impasse. How does one convey the monstrous mountain of evidence that Bush is an illegitimate president, a war criminal and an imposter bankrupting America for his own selfish, abhorrent needs?

Above all others, I believe that question, when answered, will tip the scales towards impeachment and removal of the most dishonest and criminal president in our history. My extensive research has shown that most Americans are still unaware of what has become truly a national crisis, not politics as usual bickering, and become lost in the fog when you attempt to explain the loathsome and tedious details of Bush and the PNAC.

Many of us shunned intellects and ‘people in the know’, can discuss the massive failures, lies, crimes and cover-ups by Bush for days if not weeks or months. How, in the essence of delivering a simple, yet powerful and unmistakable message, that Bush, for the sake of our freedom and the survival of our country, must be removed? We need a mantra, a revelation, an epiphany to awaken the sleeping masses, to electrify the feeble centrists and turn Bush’s own base against him for the sake of saving ourselves from this theocratic madman.

After many, many months of study, I have reached this final thought: How do we galvanize the populous, without politicizing it, without perceptible agenda, that Bush’s stolen presidency is an American crisis, not a partisan cry?

A singular message that pierces through the fog of deception, brings people to their feet, angers them and has them in vitriolic fashion scream, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” When we find that single key, that single combination that unlocks the floodgate of necessary dissidence to this century’s attempt at Nazi jingoism in order to dominate and subjugate the world, then and only then, will we be able to take back America!To that end, I echo the thoughts that we must bring people to our electorate that speak for the American way and not the Bush family dynasty way. George Bush is not an indomitable force, a man of the people or even a true Christian man. He is a charlatan, a common thief born of aristocratic arrogance and he has desecrated the highest office in our land!

10 Fast Facts about Bush’s Lies

Frank J. Ranelli
April 26, 2006

The fact is, this entire administration is one big lie after another. Reporter Helen Thomas exposed that, right in front of the boy king last month, when she pointed out that every rationale that Bush has used for the war in Iraq has turned out to be false. Bush had no idea how to answer her and became frustrated and turned visibly red in the face, stammering for a Bushism to throw the pesky reporter off the trail!

Here are ten indisputable facts about Bush:

1. There were never any of WMD's in Iraq. Period.

2. There were no ties between 9-11 and Iraq, Ever. Bin Laden and Saddam where enemies.

3. Bush planned to go to war, well before March 2003. (See Downing Street Memo, for starters)

4. Bush lied to the America people when asked about getting wiretaps on April 20, 2004 and again in July of 2005.

5. Bush broke the 1978 FISA law and order wiretaps on Americans, on American soil- a direct violation of the law.

6. Bush knew well ahead of time that Katrina would be a devastating storm- yet chose to do nothing. Was warned repeatedly- yet didn't ask a single question when briefed!

7. Iraq is on the verge of all out civil war and far more unstable than before we invaded the country. 4 out of 5 Americans believe this to be inevitable.

8. 66% of American do not approve of Bush.

9. 52% think he is guilty of crimes worthy of impeachment.

10. Bush ordered and condoned torture of detainees, violating a litany of US and International laws along with indefinite incarceration of suspects without a writ of habeas corpus.

Need more facts- Read the Articles of Impeachment for George W. Bush, by the Center for Constitutional Rights! Unless, you believe that a number of highly regarded Law scholars are getting their facts from left-wing blogs!

The facts are Bush is not only unpopular, has bankrupted our nation and lead us into a pre-emptive, illegal war, killing thousands, makes him a criminal and guilty of war crimes and violating the public trust. A definition of 'High Crimes' if there ever was one!

Democratic Leaders Still Afraid of the "I" Word

Frank Ranelli
April 27, 2006

Why is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opposed to the impeachment of George W. Bush? Instead, she is urging Democratic activists to focus on winning seats in the House this November. As a registered democrat and American citizen I outright reject that notion.

Everyday George Bush remains in office, American soldiers and innocent people in Iraq die needlessly, American's phones and computers are illegally wiretapped and the Constitution, through a colluded effort on the part of this current administration, is placed under attack and subverted.

The Center for Constitutional Rights spells out in clear, concise and irrefutable evidence that George W. Bush has committed at minimum four impeachable offenses: warrantless surveillance, misleading Congress on the reasons for the Iraq war, violating laws against torture, and subverting the Constitution’s separation of powers. These leading constitutional scholars agree: “there has never been so strong a case for impeachment since Richard Nixon.”

It is the duty of the House of Representatives to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. In the face of unquestionable proof that George W. Bush has violated his oath of office and committed high crimes against the American people, article of impeachment must be introduced. To suggest, delay or infer that impeachment is not warranted only by the inconvenience of political timing or potential hindrances of a reluctant majority ruling party is a dereliction of duty as members of the House of Representatives.

Have we not already witnessed enough grievances, greed and corruption of the highest level by President Bush? How much further damage to our democracy, to the lives of the American people and the loss of life must we endure, due to the grave and incompetent policies and decisions of President Bush, before Congress acts? How many more lies will you allow the President to tell or civil liberties be dishonored before impeachment, in your view, is warranted?

It is the vision, the will and in the minds of the American people that a necessary and dissenting voice, in a sea of hypocrisy, deceit and arrogant by Mr. Bush, is needed to quell our fall into fascism and tyranny. The erosion of the foundation of our democracy has been systematically chipped away to the point we now precariously teeter as a nation. The checks and balances that are designed to prevent our fall into the abyss of one-party rule and despotism is one blow away from collapse and that fateful plummet.

When if not now, for the preservation of our free society, our Constitutional Rights and the rule of law will impeachment move front and center and stop being falsely marginalized as a mere impulse of a few disenfranchised Americans? The people’s voice is clear: 53% of Americans support impeachment. With whole American cities, such as San Francisco, California and communities the likes of Newfane, Vermont voting on motions to impeach George Bush, I find myself compelled to ask our representatives in Congress to do what is right for our country, not their political party or campaign and introduce articles of impeachment against George W. Bush immediately!

States Join the Impeachment Movement

Frank J. Ranelli
April 27, 2006

Appears that whole states are now are joining the impeachment mantra, including Illinois (California and Vermont have similar resolutions being drawn up.) With an approval rating for Bush below freezing and gas prices above $3.00 per gallon, how long will it be before the union as a whole demands that Congress act and remove the most incompetent, reckless and irresponsible president in American history?

I seriously doubt that the republicans, scum as they are, will sit back and watch their chances of victory further erode in the mid-terms, while Bush single-handedly takes down the whole country; budget, environment, the Bill of Rights and all.

Republicans are glib, sociopaths, but they are also cannibals...they will eat their own- In this case, its Shrub-de jour! Perhaps a nice Chianti will do to wash down the bitter taste? Bone Appetite!

Bush and the 25th Amendment

Frank J Ranelli
April 27, 2006

I have long since subscribed to the fact that Bush emulates a sociopath perfectly: void of all compassion, void of empathy or understanding the pain and suffering of others- even seems to take joy in inflicting pain or allowing others to suffer. Emperor Nero comes to mind...

I even wrote a blog node a while ago and a letter to Nancy Pelosi describing him as just that- a Sociopath and a,

PSYCHOPATH (n)- Psychopaths are manipulative, charming, glib, deceptive, parasitic, irresponsible, selfish, callous, promiscuous, impulsive, antisocial, and aggressive individuals who have no concern for the welfare of others, experience little remorse or guilt as a result of their injurious and antisocial behavior and do not tolerate delay of gratification.

I challenge anyone to find a better definition of Bush than that the above!

Why do you think so many gun-totting, militant-right neocons, pro-death penalty, religious zealots all follow this moron? They are all cut from the same cloth. This is NOT what the authors of OUR Constitution had in mind when they developed the idea of a president of the United States!

How else can you explain a man that openly claims that God spoke to him and told him to "strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did..." and believe that he actually believes these voices spoke to him? Don't we have special places for people that hear voices in their head and cause harm to other people? David Berkowitz as a cell-mate, anyone?!

Bush is clearly insane and suffers from a multitude of mental illnesses.The 25th Amendment fits perfectly which was adopted in 1967 to deal with any situation in which the President became "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office." Its time to declare Bush mentally unfit for office, insist that he invoke the 25th Amendment and remove himself from the office of the presidency. "Don't worry, George, the men in white coats are here to help you. I promise, they will make the voices stop!"