Sunday, April 30, 2006

Religious-right heretics, not Christians

Frank J. Ranelli

The most overwhelming misnomer today is that none, I repeat, none, of these people are Christians. I don’t want to debate faith or personal views on religions, but Jesus has a more tenable and historical value that we can all point to. Which is the crux of my argument on this topic that conservative, right-winged Republicans are truly NOT Christians.

Whether or not Jesus was the son of God is not the issue. You decide that for yourself. The issue that is so often missed and then distorted by the religious right nut cases for their own preferential needs and self pontification is this: Jesus preached a message of peace. He taught an inspirational message that was contemptible to the Jewish priests of the time that all people were worthy of hope, prosperity, fairness, kindness and equality. Whether Jesus was a great man or divine being is irrelevant. He spoke the most basic truths about acceptance of ones neighbor. That if you were graced by good fortune, health and prosperity, to share it with your fellow man. “There by the grace of God go I…”

Jesus was the first real liberal who stood up to the Jewish priests against their corrupt temples and pilfering of money from Jewish peasants. He exposed their contemptuous hate of the common man and how they were stealing from the poor to subsidize their own intemperance for greed and power. Jesus uncovered the incredible deceptiveness and abhorrently insatiable appetites for money and control that the “powers that be” of the time had.

He wisely advised to all who would listen to his simple but matchless wisdom, that everyone has significance, worthiness and is inevitably unrestricted not only to liberty but access to God, not just those chosen by corrupt, mortal dictators based on the size of your tithing to their coffers. Jesus’s ultimate death was, in fact, a direct result of his imminent threat to the rulers of the day and a cautionary tale for the rest of mankind to come.

Most unfortunate, over the last two thousand years a simple, powerful message of humility and compassion has been distorted, filled with falsehoods, used as a weapon of fear, a reason to kill, maim and torture by very depraved and selfish men who exhibit no decency or conscience.

Today, we have subjugators, such as George W. Bush, that have evolved into monstrous totalitarians that will stop at nothing to oppress every person that opposes their warped theocratic ideals of their world. They genuinely believe that people who dissent from their psychotic vision should share the same fate as Jesus.

That is the true irony of the Bush agenda. The very man (Jesus) he claims to have saved him from his (Bush) wicked ways and set him on the path to righteousness, feels no pity or remorse for the unspeakable acts against humanity, crimes against this once great nation, and so many others suffering around the world that he has so willingly imparted on us all.

I am afraid a theocracy and fascist state, created by an evil, misanthropic man, who’s disdainful for anyone outside his aristocratic circle, is insanely evident and already upon us. The question I keep asking is: what are we all going to do about it?


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