Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Religion’s Fruitless Journey

A Ranelli Rumination

Written Monday, September 29, 2008

All religions, by their very nature, are illogical, fruitless journeys for the weak of mind. Faith is a deceptive and disingenuous path that is a stark dichotomy of danger and delusion. I see faith as a poor attempt to bridge the unknown—a lazy one, barren and hostile toward science and reason, intellect and progression. It requires no evidence, or even credibility, but merely faith itself—which is simply an irrational endeavor into self-delusion out of an innate need, perhaps to assuage one’s own internal doubts about life. I find these ideas personally astonishing and crippling—I see them as a hollow crutch for people who have doubts, fears, and struggle with mortality. Denial of man’s own mortality is the sole purpose he clings to an Iron Age creed and a nonexistent supernatural deity. Ignorance plays a part, but it is more about temporal rejection and acceptance of our own fate and fears. Blindly obedient faith—the uncritical view that fantasy trumps fact—is the indisputable and unpardonable transgression of humanity; it is the wedge that divides our universal commonality into a chasm of intolerable intolerance. Accordingly, proclaiming piousness and quoting apocryphal scripture does not give one the privilege to make a statement of fact sans sufficient and irrefutable evidence, of which, in regards to religion or God, there simply is none.

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