Friday, April 28, 2006

Bush’s stolen presidency is an American crisis, not a partisan cry

Frank J. Ranelli
April 25, 2006

George W. Bush is more than a stain blotting American’s history books. He is a terrifying chapter in American history, already punctuated by a litany of transgressions against this nation's people. Bush is a growing bibliography that can only be summed up as a collection of pages and references from Hitler’s book on how to fleece a nation through deceit, war propaganda and fear!

Bush’s defiant, derisive attitude that mocks even the most hardcore conservative believer, further demonstrates he is not a president of or for the people. The latest, which can only be described as “unthinkable”, is Bush’s backing of the UAE sale of our ports. As many are keenly aware, polls show that the American public is against this transaction by a wide margin. Some polls show those against it to be at or near 90%. Couple this with the latest CBS poll of his job approval at an unbelievably low of 34% and yet he still stubbornly refuses to yield to the will of the people.

I have poured over the Downing Street Memos, the 9/11 Commission Report, the Patriot Act, the authorization use of force bill (HJ-114), John Conyers congressional House Judiciary report: “The Constitution in Crisis” and its accompanying bill, H. Res. 635, the FEMA failures, the NSA illegal spying all the way to the sinister core of this regime; the PNAC and the endless pay for play political corruption and corporatism of America. The above alone, can only be classified as stunning; yet there is still so much more!

As a patriot of the 21st century, a defender of democracy and our constitution, I find myself at a crossroads. Spending 4-6 hours per day, over nearly two years, judiciously studying every malevolent move the Bush administration makes, pushing us closer and closer into fascism and an aristocratic theocracy/monarchy, I have reached an impasse. How does one convey the monstrous mountain of evidence that Bush is an illegitimate president, a war criminal and an imposter bankrupting America for his own selfish, abhorrent needs?

Above all others, I believe that question, when answered, will tip the scales towards impeachment and removal of the most dishonest and criminal president in our history. My extensive research has shown that most Americans are still unaware of what has become truly a national crisis, not politics as usual bickering, and become lost in the fog when you attempt to explain the loathsome and tedious details of Bush and the PNAC.

Many of us shunned intellects and ‘people in the know’, can discuss the massive failures, lies, crimes and cover-ups by Bush for days if not weeks or months. How, in the essence of delivering a simple, yet powerful and unmistakable message, that Bush, for the sake of our freedom and the survival of our country, must be removed? We need a mantra, a revelation, an epiphany to awaken the sleeping masses, to electrify the feeble centrists and turn Bush’s own base against him for the sake of saving ourselves from this theocratic madman.

After many, many months of study, I have reached this final thought: How do we galvanize the populous, without politicizing it, without perceptible agenda, that Bush’s stolen presidency is an American crisis, not a partisan cry?

A singular message that pierces through the fog of deception, brings people to their feet, angers them and has them in vitriolic fashion scream, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!” When we find that single key, that single combination that unlocks the floodgate of necessary dissidence to this century’s attempt at Nazi jingoism in order to dominate and subjugate the world, then and only then, will we be able to take back America!To that end, I echo the thoughts that we must bring people to our electorate that speak for the American way and not the Bush family dynasty way. George Bush is not an indomitable force, a man of the people or even a true Christian man. He is a charlatan, a common thief born of aristocratic arrogance and he has desecrated the highest office in our land!


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