Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quote of the Day!

Frank J. Ranelli

The question remains, "When does human dignity and respect for human life outweigh the orders of policy-makers and people placed in leadership positions that fail to effectively lead?"


Friday, May 25, 2007

Quote of the Day!

Frank J Ranelli

"Religion has the greatest propensity of all things to be used as a weapon to segregate us; rather than integrate us."


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congratulations Democrats, you've just purchased yourself a war!

By Frank J. Ranelli

Bush blusters, Congress folds and the war plays on…

Democratically-controlled House and Senate leaders have confirmed their capitulation and acquiescence to Bush’s autocratic demands and have agreed to fund more, unregulated warfare in Iraq for another six months. The media, eager to please the executive at large, launched a full fledge ‘declaration of surrender’ campaign, indicting democrats with headlines such as Democrats Concede on Iraq and Democrats Retreat in Funding Showdown. The excuse put forth by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, for an abysmal show of cowardice and abdication of Congressional and Constitutional responsibility, was, “we don’t have the votes.”

“Ah shucks, Nancy, you tried! Golly gee Harry, we know, Bush is scary!” Better luck next time, when America votes you back into the minority in 2008. You weren’t quite ready for the “big leagues” were you? The Whitehouse already believes, just as they do of former President Jimmy Carter, that the Democrats are “increasingly irrelevant.”

We know it is hard facing-down a wayward Neanderthal, a maniacal megalomaniac, a law-breaking lunatic juxtaposed with a public approval rating of 28%. Being the majority is arduous work and you haven’t had any practice over the last 13 or so years. However, there is a benefit to this gutless recoil; you’ve just purchased yourself a war!

Yes, congratulations Democrats, enjoy your newly purchased war of aggression. It’s only four years-old and lots of subsidy is now available for refurbishment, revamp and renovation. She is a real ‘fixer-upper’, but hey, causalities on the American side have been “light” and taxpayers have already absorbed most of the costs associated with the “working out the bugs” process. A new coat of paint, a few extra brigades, a fresh printing of “support the troops” pretzel magnets and your are good to go!

In addition, with Bush’s promise of sustaining your minimum wage increase bill, the preceding despondent dregs at the lowest end of the wage scale can now patriotically participate in your new ‘combat acquisition’ by infusing more cash into Bush’s upside-down economy. Think of the potential promise Democrats now offer to all those that previously were unable to finance appropriately the hostilities formerly known as “Bush’s war”.

Honestly, it does not take an exemplary acumen to see why Americans over the last 25 years keep voting largely Republican – the 2006 election not withstanding – and opting for Republican presidents. Americans, as a whole, do not necessary agree with or even like the Republican Party and its intransigent ideologies of preserving the status quo. They do, however, like team players, winners and driven tenacity when times get tough. The Republican Party – in full view of every amoral, depraved, nefarious and unconscionable act they have committed – does one thing and does it well; they stick together and tend their flock. Something the current Democratic leaders have patently failed to do.

“Resolute” and “unified” are not currently part of the lexicon or landscape of the crop of democrats in Congress today. “Fractured” and “failing” are more suitable metaphors befitting an ostensibly co-equal branch of government that kowtows to a petulant president. Bush may have lost all credibility with the American people long ago, but Congress has now lost its guile; and therefore, the alliance of the American populace.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quote of the Day!

Frank J Ranelli

"The so-called 'Iraq War' is not a war at all; its an international crime."


Monday, May 21, 2007

No Time, No Spine! Democratically Controlled Congress Capitulates to Bush’s War of Perpetuity!


Minimum wage increase trumps ending Bush’s war, Democrats cave and bow to Bush’s demand of perpetual war funds.

The mainstream media is reporting that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their minions of enablers in the Democratic Party are waving the white flag and acquiescing to Bush’s bullying and demand for a “clean bill” to fund his illegitimate Iraq war for a further six months. All timelines for withdraw are to be removed from the latest legislation. The conciliation is yet another example “proving the posit” that the Democrats do not want to end this war; they were only posturing and prevaricating for the press and the people who elected them.

Exactly what, if anything, does Bush have to concede in order to receive his unending endowment of evil? In full display of cowardice and spinelessness, Reid and Pelosi appear to accept Bush’s pledge to approve of a federal minimum wage increase – a pittance and trifle amount of 70-cent increases over the next three years – in exchange for 124 billion dollars to wage an incessant, insidious and pointless war of belligerence.

What’s going on here? Congress is, and has always been, complicit in this war of aggression and inhumane act of senseless death and violence. The Democrat's opposition to Bush’s illegal act of hostility was a canard and merely to appease the anti-war advocates for voting them into office. I will say it again, as I did in my last article, the Democrats do not wish to end, nor reign in Bush, the war or his de facto expanded powers; they wish to possess it.

A long over-due federal, minimum wage increase for unmitigated mayhem, American supremacy and hegemony is how Democrats define “success” and is the essence of the Clintonian triangulation strategy. Give enormous concessions to the power-that-be and throw a few inklings of goodwill to the disadvantaged in hopes of atonement for their unforgivable transgressions against the real underpinnings of this country.

Bush, the “Dour” Furor, has finally gotten his wish.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Beauty: Specious Lies and Ample Wars for Gain


A mere century after the anthem-like sonnet “America the Beautiful” was published for the very first time, America’s grand splendor and life-giving liberty is now lethally littered with signs of a destiny relegated to ruination.

On July 4, 1895, Katharine Lee Bates’ now historic poem turned song, America the Beautiful, was published in the weekly journal, the Congregationalist. Spacious skies, amber waves of grain, fruited plains, and purple mountain majesties etched-out a picturesque and endorphin-invoking scenic and tranquil narrative of the vast marvels to imbibe in the land she crowned, “thy good with brotherhood.” Ms. Bates, a Wellesley College professor, aptly described much of the natural splendor splashed across our land “from sea to shining sea”, but idealistically and innocently failed to forecast how greed and imperialism would turn America into a “sinister sister” and ignore Bates’ call for “liberty in law.”

Barely a century after Bates would climb Pikes Peak in Colorado and pen her now immortalized words; “America the beautiful” has lost much of her luster. Spacious skies are now obscured by enormous, sky-scraping edifices that cast immense, gloomy, and looming shadows over much of today’s landscape. Amber waves of grain are nearly gone and replaced by the sprawls of an ever-encroaching suburbia crusading forth with an insatiable craving for more materialism. The fruited plains eternally damaged by the ravages of anthropogenic induced global warming – irrefutably caused by the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels – have begun to wither, bear less produce or simple have gone barren.

Yet, this dismal and unsettling damage to our land and skies –that has occurred in the past century since America the Beautiful was composed – fails to annul an even more ominous peril most Americans unwittingly face – the fall of our republic. Our “liberty and law”, that once governed a great and free nation, has been maliciously molested, oppressed, and shackled by an “ill-selected” executive run amuck. Incarcerated by a provincial-minded, bellicose, and fool-hearty man, America is nearing dictatorship and the end of an egalitarian society. Endless war, death, bloodshed, and repression – without a shred of rationale or reason beyond grandiose perversions of power – have locked America in an entropic spiral of disorderly decay towards dystopia.

Courageously, yet perhaps naively, some Americans fought back in vain this past fall to alter the maniacal mayhem of a madman and his minions whose collective aim is to douse out the light of liberty and sabotage our rule of law. Now, disheartened and feeling betrayed by the new, Democratic-lead Congress, many citizens now sense helplessness to stop the eminent deterioration of our country by the malignancy that resides in and about the Whitehouse. Sadly, many have resigned themselves to subjugation and the acceptance of the demise of a truly democratic government of the people.

Sure, we will still go on having staged elections, just as Rome did for many years after the Republic of Rome fell. When Roman senators, such as Cicero, prattled on and continued to debate meaningless and unenforceable laws or agendas under the recently solidified Roman dictatorship of the time. All of it was purely symbolic to lend to the prevarication and impropriety of a still functioning government instead of the grim, bona fide reign of totalitarian law by Caesar. Not until 476 A.D., when Emperor Augustus was at last deposed – the throne left permanently vacant – did Roman tyranny finally end.

Current contemporary discourse suggests that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will triangulate their way to a Democratic victory in 2008, promising the phoenix-like resurrection of America from the scorched ashes left behind by the Bush Administration. Then, upon taking their oath of office, only will they continue the selling of America out the backdoor to the Chinese, the industrial/military complex, and the proto-fascist corporate giants of our time. The mock appearance of reform will be embellished by a few bones for real Americans to crunch on. Perhaps they will offer some form of thinly veiled "universal health care" or a promise to remove combat troops from war-torn Iraq. Only to leave Blackwater, Halliburton, and their horde of hundreds of thousands of privatized mercenaries to carry on the nefarious deeds of the profits of mechanized war and commercial, hegemonic globalization.

In the midst of our democracy being sweep into the abyss of autocracy, is the breakdown of our entire planet’s ecosystem. This atmospheric collapse, complements of American-driven unfettered capitalism, feverishly fuels global warming and the swell of an all-out climate crisis. The world, but Americans in particular, are simply too lazy and complacent – amid all of our modern amenities – to take genuine action to arrest the harmful effects of dumping billions of tons of carbon into the environment each year. Our fatalistic arrogance and ignorance – conceivably even self-righteousness on this issue – are both supremely mind-numbing and immensely nauseating.

Oblivious, Americans still hastily hustle about their self-entwined business as the flora and the fauna fade, freedom withers and turns to fascism, and democracy deviates into despotism for dollars. God may have “shed his grace on thee” in 1895, but we, by proxy of our own foibles and follies in the 21st Century, have discard decency and discretion and traded “purple mountain majesties” for a mountain of carnage and disarray. America perchance, is no longer so beautiful afterall.

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