Sunday, May 28, 2006

Impeachment, Dissent and the Demand for Justice

Why Americans Want Bush Gone

How contempt, sheer arrogance and subversion of our rule of law by the Bush administration has spawned the emergence of a galvanized and ever-growing portion of the population to join in the impeachment movement.

Frank J. Ranelli

Five plus years after George W. Bush and his PNAC-backed thugs stole the presidency and took hostage the Whitehouse; impeachment has finally entered the mainstream. A few weeks ago, President Bush kept grumbling how the main stream media was not reporting the “good things” coming out of Iraq. Desperate times require desperate measures, I guess. The rancid stench of this desperate move to again deflect and deceive, this time on the media, can be smelled from miles away now. Bush’s approval ratings have tanked, American’s are growing increasingly restless and disgruntled about ‘Bush’s war’ and more people are waking up to a perverse and psychotic Bush vision: A “benevolent” supremacy of world interference and control, harnessed by a pre-emptive war doctrine; the first of its kind for the United States of America.

There is no doubt that Bush’s counterfeit administration has used every tactic from intimidation by fear, extortion, religion, deceit, prevarication and redirection to stave off the inevitable - that America now knows it was sold a bill of tainted goods! A sack full of mendacity that fleeced us of our tax payers’ dollars, shed the blood of our children and stole the lives of countless innocent people in the Middle East.

Make no mistake, America is sometimes slow to react, but eventually she catches on. As people slowly unwrap themselves from the flag – the same flag Bush used to coronate himself with as emperor of the “New American Century”- there is an incendiary front that is sweeping across the nation. The upfront, candid truth that our current President violated the rule of law, repeatedly lied to us all and his condescension towards the Constitution warrant impeachment and removal from office immediately!

Impeaching and removing a sitting president is a very unpleasant, almost an unimaginable course of action for most Americans, as it symbolizes a failure for America. Impeachment conjures feelings of betrayal – born of an act of incorrigible patriotic infidelity – and a show of disgraceful weakness. However, the downright contempt, sheer arrogance and the audacity to subvert our rule of law, undermine our devotion for insidious purposes have galvanized an ever-growing portion of the population to join in the impeachment movement. We, as true Americans, categorically have had enough of the “just trust me” Bush administration.

There is a vital and warranted need for necessary dissent in a sea of hypocrisy and lies that radiate from the treacherous Bush regime. There is nothing more patriotic than engaging the dishonesty, deceit and corruption of a government that no longer represents the people whom elected it. The patriotic duty to petition the government of our grievances, seek remedies from wrong-doing and to abolish the government if it is corrupt or fails to no longer serve the will of the people.

Yes, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the PNAC signatories have been “running game” on America for over five years. We have been bullied, labeled unpatriotic, un-American, accused of aiding terrorists, dissected and forced to “choose sides.” All this while Bush’s band of thieves ran rough-shod and unchecked looting through our national treasury, subverting the Constitution and throwing dead bodies of American soldiers on their pile of rumble in a wake of irresponsible chaos and destruction.

America, the old America, was just fine without Bush and we are tired of being constantly poked with “9/11 this, 9/11 that” to elicit an emotion response. We get it; a few, rogue extremists high-jacked some planes, hit some buildings and harmed a lot of people. We are all deeply saddened, and want those actually responsible for it brought to justice. That being said, America never willingly signed up for pre-emptive, endless wars, an imperial president above the law, congressional corruption unlike anything we have ever seen in the past, leveraging three future generations of debt to the Chinese and being illegally spied on by our own government!

No, the game is up, the hoax is over, the deception has been laid bare and the bearings have been spun-out of the Bush misinformation machine to fool and frighten America. When Bush pumped us fool of bravado and hubris to sell his war he quietly snickered, caveat emptor- “let the buyer beware.” Well George, we are all now aware of what you have done, why you did it and we not only want our money back, but our country, too! Impeachment is just around the corner, your removal from office is closer than you think and the return of a peaceful country of modesty and restraint is already in progress.

Mr. President, you say you want the media to report the good? Well, I am proud to say they have! Just last month, on the front page of the Washington Post, the paper proclaimed the “Anti-Bush cries are growing louder.” Can you hear them? I can and they are thunderous, stronger and more powerful than ever! America now demands justice. Americans demand the return of their stolen civil liberties, accountability for your Constitutional abuses and insists on your impeachment and removal from office. No, Mr. Bush, you have abused this battered lady, that we call “America”, one too many times. You are not the “Decider”, “We the People” are, and we have assuredly decided it is time for you to go!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Quote of the Day!

Frank J. Ranelli

"Fascism, even when clandestinely cloaked in red, white & blue is still indelibly stained with marks of stringent social and economic control and an alarming policy of arrogant and belligerent nationalism." - Frank J. Ranelli


Saturday, May 20, 2006

America is teetering on the brink of democratic extinction

The repackaging and reconstituting of Fascism for the 21st century

Frank J. Ranelli

Part I: A Broken System

A radical and aggressive revision of our society has been underway and under wraps for over five years now during Bush’s reign. Where systematic brainwashing, fear mongering and forceful secrecy have imprisoned a whole nation and threatens our ability to self-govern. Part I of how a paradigm shift is needed now and why each one of us is responsible for the rebirth of a peaceful nation built on trust and hope not lies and fear.

It comes as no surprise that numerous people are now expressing their deepest concerns about President Bush, his complicit Congress lawmakers and lapdog Supreme Court judges full of conspirator reactionaries posing as honest jurists. Our country really is teetering on the brink of self-governing extinction and sliding further into the abyss of fascism every day. The Fourth Amendment is certainly already gone, what's next? All ten of the Bills of Rights most likely, except for the Second Amendment, reserved for the militant gun nuts of the right-wing, ala Dick Cheney. This is all taking place compliments of the 2001 Patriot Act; the 1933 Germanic Enabling Act, repackaged and reconstituted for the 21st century, American style!

Then we have the President himself, George W. Bush. We all know that “power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts”. What we had yet to see, at least in this country’s history, is what happens to absolute power in the hands of someone intellectually inferior to the undertaking and responsibility of stewardship of a great nation. George W. Bush is a mental midget, an immature frat-boy turned psychopath and a megalomaniac who lacks the competence to govern a nation or even basic human understandings such as empathy and compassion. He truly is void of all moral fiber. Bush has no concern for the welfare of others and experiences little remorse or guilt as a result for his injurious and antisocial behavior he displays. He is America’s Hitler, whether we all want to face that truth or not.

Bush uses the oldest, but most effective methods to create an empire and dictatorship- demagoguery, and exploiting man’s most vulnerable emotion: fear. In the face of seemingly terrifying fear, especially a national crisis, people will follow their sentiment and fail to use common sense or examine facts to make informed decisions. Cool heads rarely prevail during these times. It’s all too easy to pick up a flag and wave it in one hand, a Bible and thump it in the other and pledge blind patriotism and faithfulness- but that’s just what many of us did. We all felt a little helpless at the time. Cheer on our Country in one hand and pray to God in the other.

George Orwell’s book, 1984, warned us of this in an overtly illuminating fashion, the immense dangers of a totalitarian government and absolute tyranny under the ruse and guise of devoted nationalism. Orwell’s fictional propaganda language, Newspeak, was a prologue of what was to actually come nearly 50 years after he wrote the now famous, fictional book. The ideas that “war was peace”, “ignorance was strength” and “freedom is slavery” were a dark prophesy of how extorting the masses through systematic brainwashing, fear mongering and forceful secrecy could imprison a whole nation.

People voted in 2000 and 2004 with their emotions and not through the use of informed facts. In short, many people, republicans too, where hoodwinked. As I wrote in a recent essay, “Bush, Cheney, et al. have been running game on America for five plus years now.” People voted both times against their own civil liberties, that they were divisively framed into giving up, under misleading and false pretenses. The idea of giving up civil liberties in order to be safe, in my estimation, is the greatest abomination against America, the Constitution and for all those that gallantly fought to ensure these rights where readily available to all, some 230 years ago.

Our country today, is barely recognizable to the peaceful, restrained, free and caring nation of the pre-Bush era. While there is tremendous chatter and groundswell through the Internet, the single best tool we have today to fight back, is American’s must begin to understand that the system is broken. Congress, those that were elected to represent us, no longer does so. They are either part of the plot, paid off by special interest groups or afraid to act. We have reached an impasse, where the only way to regain this land, this nation and our government is to rise up as an integrated people of unanimity and take action! After all, it is our government – it belongs to all of us! Democracy is certainly not, and never has been, a spectators sport.

Blind obedience is no longer an excuse to ignore the obvious – that people are dying everyday in an immoral war over seas and our freedom at home is under attack. As a nation, we can no longer accept arcane dogma and deception from bellicose, belligerent men too myopic to produce a progressive and peaceful vision of the world. People of this nation must leap beyond logic, accept the unthinkable as not only possible but probable. That ‘probable’ being oppression laced with theocracy has taken root in our nation’s Capitol.

What we need is a paradigm shift to understand the Bush Administration is unwavering in their attempt to remake our society in a radical and very un-American way. We must be vigilant of those that took our nation hostage in 2000 and not shrink to their fear or believe their deceptions. This is no longer a partisan idea, a political debate, but the essence of the continuation of democracy in America itself. We must each help to teach others of the atrocities and subversions that are happening right here, right at this moment and how close we are to losing a free and secular America forever!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

America's Hitler- It CAN Happen Here!

How 'Hitler's Rules' became Bush's manifesto

Frank J. Ranelli

A four part article recently penned by, Lonna Gooden Vanhorn, brilliantly illustrates how Hitler and now Bush, uses fear, shunning of intellectualism, patriotism, flag waving and blind nationalism, marginalization or extermination of the poor and infirmed, wild propaganda, lies and demagoguery to create empires of great threat to the world and even humanity itself.

Hitler was brought to power after years of intense exploitation of the good people of Germany in the 1930’s by playing on their most primal instincts and emotions. The greatest of which were fear, national pride and self-preservation. As did Hitler, Bush has used a steady stream and diet of deception, egregious lies and non-stop rhetoric, under a constant climate of fear, (the war on terror) to destroy a nation; ours.

As the author points out, competence means nothing to George Bush and loyalty is supreme. We are rocked, as a nation, by one scandal, one blunder, one usurpation of our rights after another for one simple reason: Bush is not interested in a competent government that abides by laws or aides its nation in achieving a better America. No, Bush has one, simple, sinister purpose: An empire -- one that he wholly controls -- and the reversal and destruction of the secular, free and democratic government that this country was founded upon.

Hitler’s rules, as they are now called, illuminates and defines exactly the same manifesto Bush operates under:

Hitler’s primary rules were: “never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

Anyone who still thinks "it can't happen here" is sadly wrong. It is happening here -- right now, right at this point at this very moment. Nixon's era during the early 1970’s was merely a prologue to a far more dangerous and insidious future to come. It should had been a flare, a blaring siren and a warning sign of the dangers of a too powerful executive branch, the ease at which the often benign and foolishly uninformed American public can be galvanized to unwillingly be complicit in the bringing to power a tyrannical dictator.

Yes, it can happen here. It already has begun. Our governmental system has broken down and no longer offers or provides the protections our founding fathers fiercely tried to ensure by designing three separate, but co-equal branches of government to guarantee that a rogue despot would not assume power over the people of the United States. Congress is now corrupted by a one-party rule and the courts are now interlaced with reactionary judges appointed under Bush.

As one Holocaust survivor who lived in the U.S. and has now returned to Germany said, "We had our Hitler, now you have yours."

As many good and decent people of Germany in the 1930’s likely asked after the start of World War II, “Are we too late?”

It is the very same question I posit to all Americans today:

“As a nation of people bound together by a single document of justice, equality and liberty for all, is it too late to take back the government that formerly belonged to all of us?”


To read Lonna Gooden Vanhorn entire, four part series, America's Hitler, click on this link: America's Hitler

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quote of the Day!

Frank J. Ranelli

"Theocracy is the ultimate methodology to rule a nation by. Rationality and intellectualism are always persecuted while faith and ignorance meld into blind nationalism. This produces a mass delusion of grand arrogance that erroneously justifies insidious acts of human brutality and conquest." -- Frank J. Ranelli


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush to Congress: You're Terminated!

Frank J. Ranelli

The “great experiment” of American democracy is in serious jeopardy and many Americans are still totally oblivious to this terrifying fact. Even more frightening is the apathy displayed by those that have not under-estimated the gravity of our slide into repression. The fundamental reality that must be accepted, if we are to prevent a complete totalitarian rule in this country, is that we have already lost our democratic system. Absolute tyranny is merely a few paces away. Many of our freedoms, rights and the privilege to pursue happiness are already gone.

Witness the Patriot Act and the government's self-imposed right to invade your home without a warrant by proclamation of the ethereal ‘war on terror’, search your personal effects and to even retain you, against your will, without the right to an attorney or even a writ of habeas corpus. Look no further than President Bush’s illegal and unconstitutional ‘terrorist surveillance program’ for additional proof of the evaporation of your civil liberties. Just today, we found out this already highly clandestine and controversial warrantless wiretapping program, which was purported to be aimed only at a select group of outbound calls, has remarkably morphed into a full-blown data mining operation of millions upon millions of inside the United States person-to-person phone calls.

While these transgressions alone are staggering, nothing compares to what the current executive branch has done to a supposed co-equal branch of our government known as Congress. In simple language, Congress has been shelved by the President. The Congress was designed to ratify the laws and the President was intended to ensure they were carried out. That process has not only been reversed, but Congress has been relegated to a suggestion box rather than an equal partner. A straightforward review of Bush’s hundreds of signing statements as addendums to legislation already drafted and approved by Congress is a testament that President Bush sees himself as the defining authority that ultimately shapes our laws. After all, he is the self-proclaimed, “decider.”

The President’s approval ratings are historically low and many in the Democratic Party believe this to be a defining moment to regain control of at least the House of Representatives in the up-coming mid-term elections. If history is a good predictor of the future, that assertion is likely true. However, the damage is already done and precedence has already been set. That precedence is that Congress can be disregarded by the President and any law, bill, mandate, resolution and even the Constitution itself can be capriciously overlooked or flat out ignored if it conflicts with Bush’s own interpretation or desires.

Democratic leaders have shunned the impeachment word, even if they regain control of the House. This is more likely less of a marketing ploy to win over some disenfranchised republicans and more of a reality check. The realization that even with majority control and the power to subpoena, a resolution of inquiry to impeach the president would be nothing more than a dog and pony show, even if it was passed and advanced to the Senate for trial.

Bush’s failure to recognize the rule of law, reportedly disobeying over 750 known laws, is merely a prologue of the more serious rejections of our democratic way of life he is sure to usher in under his command and an almost certainty that the government of “We the People” is systematically being abolished. The revocation of our right to privacy, under the excuse that it’s necessary to protect the American people, is one of many crimes Bush has committed under a bogus National crisis. George Bush might be our 43rd President, but if he completes his coup d'état of our government, he very well may be also our last.

Friday, May 05, 2006

"Terrorist surveillance program" commandeers civil rights

Frank J. Ranelli

A few months ago, Senator Russ Feingold (D) of Wisconsin gave a galvanizing speech denouncing the President’s NSA warrantless wiretapping program and has since introduced a resolution (S. Res. 398) to censure the President. The Senator has continually cut Bush at the knees while the president tries mightily to twist and spin, yet again, his newly named “terrorist surveillance program” into something other than what it is: illegal and unconstitutional spying.

Feingold sliced through the stale, musty muttering of a President who long ago lost his credibility with the American people in this forthright assessment of this highly illegitimate attempt to commandeer civil rights under the guise of patriotism and national security. Feingold’s speech was clear, accurate and succinct: spying on American’s, without probable cause and a warrant from the appropriate courts is unlawful; period. No justification can be made, with any sense of dignity, legitimacy or integrity, that wiretapping Americans without a court order is legal.

Further, Feingold repeatedly points out the deceptive and misleading statements, that Bush continues to spew forth in irresponsible fashion, are utter nonsense and untrustworthy. By cutting through the murky fog that this administration has created around a crystal clear abrogation of the Fourth Amendment, the Senator defines in simple language what warrantless wiretapping is- against the law!

Just to be sure, let’s review what Bush said on April 20, 2004 about how wiretaps are to be carried out:

“Now, by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires -- a wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way. When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so.” – George W. Bush

Bush foolishly wanted us to trust him, that he was telling the truth on April 20, 2004 and that he was not breaking the law. Need I remind anyone what another famous republican President once said? "Trust, but verify…"- Ronald Reagan.

By his own admission on April 20, 2004, President Bush clearly states he knew the law- that warrantless wiretaps were illegal, but Bush chose to break the law in spite of this obvious declaration of deception. He brazenly lied to America on April 20, 2004, hid this unlawful, clandestine program from the public and only when caught, developed an implausible, mind-boggling defense as to the legality of his ‘terrorist surveillance program." Under the auspices of henchman U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, team Bush rolled out an argument of pure conjecture- that Congress gave him authority to wiretap Americans on U.S. soil without a warrant when it passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force after September 11, 2001.

Senator Feingold didn't trust this president from day one. He sought and continues to seek the real truths through verification of facts, plain-spoken language and common sense, not newspeak and demagoguery. That’s why he (Feingold) voted against the Patriot Act, voted against Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy, grilled Alberto Gonzales in his confirmation hearings, Samuel Alito during his and now Feingold’s resolution to censure Bush and put a stop to the out of control tail-spin of treachery from the executive branch.

Feingold is deadly accurate in his calling out of Bush and the injection of adrenaline that the democrats and this nation need. A dose of expectorant, if you will, to clear America’s phlegm-ridden throat and gives us the piercing voice we all need to cut through Bush’s fog factory of misinformation deception and Bush’s brand of fascism- American-style.

Pass the Robitussin ®, please!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Republicans complain high gas prices are Clinton's fault!

Frank J. Ranelli

Soaring gasoline prices at the pump has both democrats and republicans complaining. Everyone has been cast into the melting pot of high energy prices. While no one is claiming to be giddy over the spike in gas prices, except for giant energy companies such as Exxon-Mobil, the reactions to the problem are a strange dichotomy.

Democrats and liberals are looking for alternate, long term energy solutions. Al Gore’s signature issue, the environment, plays right into this notion that we cannot sustain our current pace of carbon-based fuels usage without destroying the planet in the process.

Republicans and conservatives, once the “throw money at it” solution of handing everyone a c-note to solve the issue didn’t work, reverted to a new, but increasingly hollow, yet clamorous methodology: Blame it on Bill! Bill Clinton, that is. It seems that the reactionary crowd has run out of cover and money and has come out firing a salvo of blanks.

Their peculiar reasoning is based on a groundless accusation. That if Bill Clinton would have allowed energy companies to drill in Alaska and the Artic Wildlife refuge ten years ago, we would have all the oil we would need- and it would be cheap, too! If you bother to do any research at all you would find out that the Dept. of Energy has already determined that drilling in Alaska and harnessing the oil purportedly located there would reduce current gasoline prices by about one cent per gallon. Further, geographical surveys suggest that the oil deposits in this area would yield enough oil to last less than 20 years, at our current pace and use of oil.

While politically convenient during a heated mid-term election cycle to blame it on democrats, exactly how is that going to solve our energy or gasoline supply problems? The real, unvarnished truth is more about this unavoidable, but constantly over-looked fact: We have reached and past peak oil production in the world. Oil is going to run out entirely in roughly 50 years. We cannot cling to current energy sources (oil) and must find alternate sources and methods for energy- now!

Drilling more holes in the Earth is not going to solve our lofty gas prices and Bush "the oil baron” will soon be out of office, which means republicans won't have someone left at the top to fill these empty holes with money in the form of tax breaks to oil companies.

I am sorry, but those touting the “Blame it on, Bill” mantra are going to have to do better than a lame attempt at placing responsibility on Clinton for our current energy woes. It‘s real easy to point fingers at someone who has been out of office for five and a half years. Much harder is the idea of laying the flawed energy policies we currently have at the feet of those presently in office and those having the empowerment to actual change it!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MISLEADING A NATION: How Bush used beliefs and not facts to wage a war

Frank J. Ranelli

When do we, as a nation, stand up for what we believe in and when do we not? The answer to that question is simple: When the facts and evidence support the belief. The foundation of this whole article is over the constant banter back and forth of supporting or not supporting George Bush. (Albeit support is waning at an ever increasing rate.) In order to put the unwise notion of supporting Bush to rest, let’s examine some issues, give them a dressing down and see what is laid bare.

George Bush led our country to war by asking Congress and the American people for approval to do so based on the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq- that our country was in imminent danger. That supposition has been totally and completely debunked on multiple levels. From the 9/11 commission report, to the inspectors who where in Iraq to Colin Powell’s own admission on national TV that he mislead the UN.

The President himself admits publicly that the intelligence was wrong. These are undeniable facts. It does not matter whether you believe Bush lied or not. He brought unnecessary war to bear on our country and stubbornly refuses to withdraw. That, in itself, is an impeachable offense. He is abusing a position of public trust and causing great harm to his country.

George Bush repeatedly told the American people he was following the FISA law when wiretapping Americans. On April 20, 2004, he assured a national audience that civil liberties where in place and that FISA was being follow and; “nothing had changed.” That, as we all now know was a lie. That is not in dispute. Bush himself does not run from this fact. That makes Bush a liar. When Bush’s Attorney General was asked about such a program, that was already up and running, it was called; “hypothetical, at best.”

This is clearly perjury and obstruction of justice, the same charge brought against Clinton. Why is it perjury? When Bush placed his hand on the Bible, who took a sworn oath to the best of his ability to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. Knowingly lying to the American people and Congress, who garnered the executive privilege he had bestowed upon him, constituted at minimum a misdemeanor and warrants investigation through the impeachment process. At worst, due to the deaths he has caused through a mismanaged and superfluous war constitutes a serious high crime and possible war crimes against humanity.

So, what do we have left?

A) George W. Bush, mislead our nation, its electorate and the UN, using inaccurate, deceitful or manipulated intelligence, to start a war with a sovereign nation, who posed no threat to the United States, which in turn, caused the deaths of 2400 plus American soldiers, not in defense of our nation, but in defense of a lie or shear incompetence.

B) George W. Bush knowingly lied to several members of Congress, lied to the American people and violated the 1978 FISA law and abrogated the Fourth Amendment. He admits doing so and uses an outlandish reason to justify his action that as Commander-in-Chief he has the inherent authority to do. That the authority was provided to him when Congress authorized the use of military force. Nothing further away could be the truth. No where, I repeat, no where in Article II of the Constitution does it allow, mention, infer or suggest that the President may usurp civil rights or violate the Constitution in times of war- especially since there was never a formal declaration of war given!

You can make all the opinion arguments you like about why it was a good idea to invade Iraq, remove Saddam, etc. but America is not in the business of policing the world or installing our form of government around the globe at the expense of tax payers’ dollar or Americans lives. It’s as simple as that.

Now, in case any doubt was left, it’s time to open your eyes to the facts and admit that Bush was wrong and he lied. America is a great nation, but we are not the only inhabitants of this planet and only grand arrogance would suggest that our judgment is morally superior to others simply by geography.

The belief that George W. Bush has honorably led his country, performed his duties as a noble public servant and did so using the best of his abilities is patently false. Therefore, I submit the facts and evidence do NOT support the belief and that I strongly suggest Americans re-examine their thinking and priorities. It’s not the democratic or republican thing to do, but it is the American thing to do. George Bush is not a God. He is not infallible and should not be granted impunity simply by virtue of a high position of trust- one that he has most certainly violated.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Lawless President: Inside the mind of George W. Bush

Frank J. Ranelli

Our 43rd President of the United States, George Walker Bush, is in reality a rogue despot masquerading as an American president. He personifies exactly what the framers of the Constitution feared and worked so feverishly to prevent by designing three, co-equal branches of government and placing limits on executive powers through a system of checks and balances. In essence, the founding fathers aimed to avert a lawless president and a totalitarian monarchy.

Upon close examination, it is easy to see George Bush’s aspirations and goals are those of a diluted, self-indulged, tyrannical mind. His is incapable of emotion or sentiment, intolerant in judgment and insatiable for power. His quest for a total plutocracy and a fascist state, governed only by the most choice of aristocratic associates and co-conspirators, is an ugly abyss of intemperance for power and money as well as a profound disparagement for the common man that gets in his way.

As are all oppressive dictators and tyrants, they wholly, in every respect, believe that they are somehow different and more deserving than the other inhabitants of this planet. They justify their insidious actions and nefarious deeds through a ubiquitous campaign of distorted delusion. This distortion in thinking inevitably leads them to falsely conclude the end always justifies the means. That no matter the cost to human life, the ordained rights of others, the egregiousness of the lies told or suffrage of other fellow human beings- deemed collateral damage by their mere existence, is always warranted and defensible.

Bush’s outlandish behavior and compulsion to subjugate others is born out of necessity. He is beyond merely another dishonest or crooked politician. Bush is a distorted figure of bizarre and grotesquely epic fallacies. Brought on by a dynastic family history and an up-bringing earmarked by prejudice, deceit, war profiteering, domination by fear and intimidation. He continually displays an incongruity that his judgment and actions are superior to our own and deserves no justification to the people and laws of this nation.

Most conscience and rational human beings easily extrapolate the basic ideas and need for morality, scruples, compassion, harmony and equality to co-exist with one another in realism. Bush, on the other hand, with his psychotic mind and acerbic heart, must be constantly filled with terror, fear, shock, lies, dissent and hatred to feel alive in his own ghoulish vision of the world.

Bush’s true goals are ones that can never be totally met, as the mere definition of a totalitarian personality requires that the oppressor achieve all and have all that exists unto themselves. It is this eccentric and treacherous behavior that drives his unattainable expeditions into complete world domination and continually begs him to ask the question “is there nothing more?”

To me, it has become insipid to question whether or not George W. Bush is a dictator, a pathological liar and a danger to not only our own democracy, but to the safety of the world. The far more pressing, urgent and grave question that every American needs to ask and demand answers for is, “who will stop the reign?”