Friday, April 28, 2006

Lies, Deception and Treason: The Bush Legacy

Frank J. Ranelli

As a true American, one must ask, how deep does this rabbit hole of lies, deception and outright treason really go with George Bush?

Bush’s shameless lies to the American people have gone from dishonest to perverse. And with the corporate media giants genuflecting to his every request of only “positive coverage”, the republican majority supporting him with a blind eye, it would appear that “We the People”, may all but have lost our voice in governing our own nation.

His pack of lies neatly packaged and reconstituted by the master of deception, Karl Rove, as legitimate reasons to wage war have been skillfully sold and then admonished by anyone who dare challenge them.

Bush is often wrong but seldom questioned about his duplicity and despicable actions. I suggest that those in doubt turn off the war propaganda fed news channels and do your own research about the truth. Read the Downing Street memos; trace the Bush family’s war profiteering history by reading “American Dynasty”, by Kevin Phillips. Uncover how he intended to “take Saddam out…” illegally, without UN support, under false pretenses and fabricated intelligence to persuade congress to declare war. These are impeachable offenses under our Constitution.

Yes America, it is time for you to take notice, act and demand justice. It is time for Mr. Bush to step out from behind his magic curtain and answer the real reasons we went to war- oil and to control the Middle East.


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