Saturday, April 29, 2006

How 'Operation Swarmer' Turned Out to be More of a Casual Buzz

Frank J. Ranelli

Last month President Bush (now known as "Mr. Freeze" for his 32% approval rating), in a desperate move to regain some traction and footing in his ‘war on terror’, pulled out the propaganda machine once again. (Yawn…) Using big covert, code words, like "Operation Swarmer", Bush huffed and puffed hoping to blow the house down- that his war on terror was working by launching a “massive military strike” against insurgents. Only problem, Operation Swarmer, was less of a swarm and more of a casual buzz.

Turns out, according to Time Magazine, 'Swarmer' was nothing more than a photo-op! Like a pathological liar or drug addict, Bush keeps reaching into his bag of deception, hoping to fool a few more people, to buy his ornateness grandstanding of would-be do-gooder deeds in hopes of a quick fix and a bolster in his polls. The ones he does not read or care about, by his own admission!

Seems to me, Bush, not the insurgents in Iraq, is in his "final throws" and perhaps, just perhaps, Americans have been fooled one too many times by the musty muttering of a president who long ago lost his credibility with the people of this nation.

I speak only for myself here, but Bush didn't "have me at hello" and he lost me the moment he said, "I solemnly swear...", with one hand on the Bible and the other behind his back, fingers crossed and a wink at Chief Justice Rehnquist.

To our 43rd president, I only say this, “No more photo ops, no more staged sympathy, no more lies and no more blame games or diversions from the truth. You are an imposter and woefully unfit to be President and should resign immediately!”

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