Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Jesus Freak" Fruitcake Quote of the Day!

In response to the Columbus Dispatch's "Hot Issue" of the day,
"Do you support using federal funds to pay for embryonic stem-cell research?"

This is what one reader (nut) wrote:

"God has a reason for those who have certain diseases and He does not owe us an explanation. He is the creator and the healer. Too often we as a society want to take the position of God. Remember,no matter what you believe, ALL WILL BOW, ALL WILL CONFESS, THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD."

I don't know about you, but it is sure "comforting" to me that GOD doles out diseases to certain people and no explanation is needed! What a benevolent creator we all have! (Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

Well, using this reader's logic, I guess God had his reason for giving me a working brain to think with and scrutinize such rubbish and gave this "chowder head" not much in the way of working brain cells.

Maybe Stem Cell Research will show that implanting of embryonic cells into regions of the brain of those "less-gifted" in the area of critical thinking for themselves will yield miraculous results in improving their ability to create an informed, logical opinion rather than relying on 2,000 year old fables!

Sane people can only hope for such advancements!

SOURCE: The Hot Issue: Do you support using federal funds to pay for embryonic stem-cell research?


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