Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush's First Veto....Not Really.

Frank J. Ranelli

After both the House and the Senate approved a bill to fund stem cell research, Bush now plans to wield his first veto. Let’s chew on this for a moment. Bush wants to veto a bill that would benefits millions, was approved by both houses of Congress and supported by over 70% of America. The only people not supporting this bill are the evangelical fundamentalists (also known as arcane, dogmatic purveyors of hate and intolerance) and the pure libertarians (A.K.A. anarchists) who oppose anything the government does. Then why is Bush going to veto this bill? Two simple reasons:

1. Bush’s evangelical fundamentalist base insists on it.
2. There is no way for Exxon/Mobile to make money off of it!

Then we have this incredible piece of audacious, shameless mendacity from Tony Snow:

“That he [Bush] doesn't want human life destroyed …The simple answer is he [Bush] thinks murder is wrong.”

WOW! Let’s review here:

Pretty hard to believe for a guy who spent less than a half-an-hour reviewing death sentence cases as governor of Texas, before these people were “legally” murdered! No words can describe the hypocrisy of this logic when applied to the current conflict in Iraq where nearly 2600 American’s are dead and over 100,000 innocent civilians are dead.

Every day someone dies in Iraq, a failed foreign policy that is being waged illegally, without just-cause and based on purely fabricated, cherry-picked intelligence, is blood on Bush’s hands and murder!

Now let’s have a reality check here and examine the scientific facts about stem cells:

First, stems cells are NOT human beings! It’s not a baby, it’s not a fetus --it’s a cluster of about 150 cells, that’s it. These are also cells that are targeted to be discarded, in other words, medical waste or garbage! Religious nuts need to get over this “baby murder” thing – its pure specious ranting that is scientifically not true.

If you really want to stop murder, insist Bush bring home all our troops and stop murdering civilians in Iraq! Tell Rumsfeld to close Gitmo and stop torturing people to death; people that are only suspects and have not been found or proven guilty of anything.

Shunning of science and intellectualism is one of the tell-tale signs of fascism, folks!

See, Bush has really vetoed at least 750 other bills by appending a "signing statement" to them, declaring his executive power grants him the authority to execute the laws as he sees fit (or ignore them entirely) not as they were written by the legislative branch -- Congress, those pesky little law makers!

This veto is merely a dog and pony show to energies the fanatical fundies in an election year that promises radical change in Congress and a potential end to Bush's rubber-stamp toadies.

I think it’s time that Congress give Bush a "taste of his own medicine" and affix a “signing statement “of their own declaring:

“They [Congress] reserve the right to ignore the veto of the president, and will disseminate funds in accordance with the will of the people and Bush’s veto violates the Congress’ constitutional authority to, Promote the Progress of Science.” (Article I, Section 8; Clause 3)

Write your Congressman or Senator and ask them to add the signing statement above to HR 810! Hey, The Queensbury Rules went out the window when Bush took office!


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