Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Congress never authorized the Bush Administration to ignore existing laws

July 12, 2006

Open Letter to Congress:

Frank J. Ranelli

In light of the latest Supreme Court ruling, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld , we now have a unified and law-binding message to the Bush administration, "Congress never authorized the Bush Administration to ignore existing laws and treaties in pursuing those responsible for the 9-11 attacks."

If this country has ever had a President who unmistakably violated his oath of office and warrants impeachment and removal, it’s George W. Bush!

Stop working for the Republican spin machine, big business, special interest groups and start representing the American people-- this is, after all your job description and sworn duty!

How many PROVEN lies must Bush brazenly tell to the American public? How many soldiers must dies in a war of aggression brought on through intelligence manipulation and playing on the sentiments of ordinary citizens to create a climate of fear? How low must Bush's approval rating fall before the will of the people in our once democratic government act? How many transgressions against the Constitution must Bush violate before Congress performs its duty of oversight and checks and balances? How many more signing statements will he be allowed to attach to congressionally approved laws declaring he will ignore them or construe them as he sees fit?

Finally, stop telling me about safety and the war on terror! Terror is a tactic, not a country! To me, fighting the war on terror with the military is akin to fighting the war on drugs with the military. Far more people die of drug-related deaths every year than terrorist, yet the armed forces aren't rolling down the streets in tanks looking for drug dealers and junkies.

I am tired of the fear-mongering and scare tactics to control and subjugate the American people. The propaganda rhetoric is worn thin and its transparency now gives us a firm view of Bush's true desire of hegemony and the ruination of ordinary, everyday citizens through oppressive, predatory capitalism at the expense of the poor and less fortunate! This war has little to do with national defense. Bush’s failed foreign policy in the Middle-East, which you keep erroneously calling “the war on terror”, exists solely for profit, greed and repression along with a sick desire to extend the powers of the executive branch.

A special prosecutor and articles of impeachment are the ONLY acceptable methods of redress this Congress can undertake to begin to heal the near fatal, injurious actions this president has caused.

I urge you to stop playing partisan politics, being a Bush toady and represent the clear and unanimous will of the American people; removal of a president who has betrayed the citizens of this country, trampled the Constitution and ignored the will of the people far too long.


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