Monday, July 17, 2006

NY Times Gets It Right About Bush

"Five years after Sept. 11, we can see now, [it] had far less to do with fighting Osama bin Laden than with expanding presidential power."

Frank J. Ranelli

From the The Guantánamo Bay Prison, to Eavesdropping on Americans, this NY Times editorial covers the real reasons Bush and Cheney were so "excited" over 9/11 -- to expand executive power, curtain civil liberties and reduce Congress to a "suggestion box" that they (team Bush) would "read through" for helpful hints from time to time.

Problem is, this editorial is buried on some back page and not the front page headline on every newspaper across the country.

In my home state of Ohio, I am mortified at how many people know little of Bush's transgressions or who the PNAC is or how many [people] still, to this day, think Iraq had something to do with the Taliban and Bin Laden.

The Republicans are not good, smart or better than the current crop of Democrats. Americans, for the most part, are apathetic, ignorant and hide behind flags and Bibles, enabling the hyenas of the neocons who merely “crunch on the bones” of Americas most vulnerable prey: ill-informed or under-informed, everyday people.

The 'Soccer Moms' and 'NASCAR Dads' of this country facilitate dim-witted, hollow Republican mantras like "cut and Run" and "The Big Tent" party by parroting these insincere ideologies without a shred of due diligence.

Its time we pushed back! We need our own set of "catchy slogans" and sway some of that A.D.D.-ridden public consent over to the Democratic side.

A few thoughts:

Love America, Oppose Bush, End War!

Push Bush Back!

Support OUR Constitution, NOT Bush's war!

The War on Terror is Really a Failed Foreign Policy!

Source: NY Times: The Real Agenda


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