Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rant of the Day!

The mindset and observations of a Bush follower:

"Buy a flag made in China and stick it on your SUV and then force everyone to say how wonderful you are. Never mind that the flag was made by the slave labor of children, your SUV is killing the environment and children in Iraq, and that you are really a selfish pathetic attention seeking asshole. Even scarier yet is I can see these idiots charging a 99 cent flag on a credit card.

Then of course [there] are the annoying fire crackers which will be left all over the place along with beer bottles, etc. Idiot America can't even clean up after themselves. Pathetic.

Oh and here is another reason that the 4th of July has been highjacked. The 4th of July is about revolutions, not mindless patriotism. It is about overthrowing an oppressive government, not mindlessly supporting it.

There is nothing left about America to celebrate. The corporate terrorists have taken our freedom, money, morals, etc. Idiot America is running around drivng SUV's, charging away on credit cards, and supporting the government that seeks to take away there rights."

Source: Corporate Terrorist Day Rant



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