Monday, July 17, 2006

Summing Up Why Cowboy Bravado Doesn't Work In World Affairs

Michael Signer for Democracy Journal sums it up this way,

"Think of the quarterback of a football team. More celebrated than his teammates, he leads by his own example of excellence in the sport and is rewarded with the willing followership of his teammates. They follow, but they are woven with him into the fabric of the team. He cannot win without them, and he must constantly earn their help through admiration and respect, rather than awe and fear. When he succeeds, he collects more garlands (admiration, money, authority) than they do. He leads by example, but it’s the team that wins the game, not the quarterback. And he grows stronger, through the collective success of others."

Right now Bush is the Terrell Owens of politics; selfish, brazen, a loaner and insisting his way is the only way. That type of mindset has NEVER won a single championship anywhere in any sport. Most professional sports teams when "infected" with mercurial and perpetual bad-behaving athletes do what America needs to do to George Bush -- they cut him from the team!


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