Monday, May 21, 2007

No Time, No Spine! Democratically Controlled Congress Capitulates to Bush’s War of Perpetuity!


Minimum wage increase trumps ending Bush’s war, Democrats cave and bow to Bush’s demand of perpetual war funds.

The mainstream media is reporting that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their minions of enablers in the Democratic Party are waving the white flag and acquiescing to Bush’s bullying and demand for a “clean bill” to fund his illegitimate Iraq war for a further six months. All timelines for withdraw are to be removed from the latest legislation. The conciliation is yet another example “proving the posit” that the Democrats do not want to end this war; they were only posturing and prevaricating for the press and the people who elected them.

Exactly what, if anything, does Bush have to concede in order to receive his unending endowment of evil? In full display of cowardice and spinelessness, Reid and Pelosi appear to accept Bush’s pledge to approve of a federal minimum wage increase – a pittance and trifle amount of 70-cent increases over the next three years – in exchange for 124 billion dollars to wage an incessant, insidious and pointless war of belligerence.

What’s going on here? Congress is, and has always been, complicit in this war of aggression and inhumane act of senseless death and violence. The Democrat's opposition to Bush’s illegal act of hostility was a canard and merely to appease the anti-war advocates for voting them into office. I will say it again, as I did in my last article, the Democrats do not wish to end, nor reign in Bush, the war or his de facto expanded powers; they wish to possess it.

A long over-due federal, minimum wage increase for unmitigated mayhem, American supremacy and hegemony is how Democrats define “success” and is the essence of the Clintonian triangulation strategy. Give enormous concessions to the power-that-be and throw a few inklings of goodwill to the disadvantaged in hopes of atonement for their unforgivable transgressions against the real underpinnings of this country.

Bush, the “Dour” Furor, has finally gotten his wish.



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