Thursday, August 31, 2006

Democratic Candidate for Ohio, Charles Sanders, Has No "Intellectual Confusion!"

Frank J. Ranelli

Candidate Charles Sanders, running for the Democratic Party nomination for the U.S. House in the 3rd District of Ohio, understands the language of true change. No ambiguous statements, no pandering to political powers-that-be, but a true grassroots, working class civil servant that comprehends what is at stake in our country if we fail to ebb the flood of deceit that pours out of today’s politicians in Washington D.C.!

Sanders says what needs to be vitriolically said, and leaves no room for apologies. In plainspoken, clear terms, Sanders defines the rules of engagement to the opposition that currently drives our country further into debt, deprives us of basic civil liberties, and plunged our nation into an immoral and baseless war.

Treading into deep waters, Mr. Sanders has braved the rough seas -- that only anti-war champion Ned Lamont of CT has taken on so far -- to save our country from drowning in false fear, apathy and a mistakenly euphemistic outlook.

Pulling no punches, Sanders slams the Bush administration with tough body blows -- attacking their numerous failed policies and utter incompetence -- with heavyweight knockout-style! Appropriately, Sanders then counters with hard-hitting answers to a plethora of substantial issues that will restore confidence in our government and return much needed programs to protect our citizens most in need.

Courageous and intrepid, Charles Sanders goes where few seeking office are willing to go – straight at the heart of the matter -- the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney! Unyielding, he then tackles the malignancies that eat away at our once great nation from political corruption, to health care for every American, to bringing the troops home from Iraq, to rolling back the massive trust-fund babies tax breaks shamelessly passed during the past five years! Throw in a battle for rescinding greedy eminent domain laws and keeping the Internet Neutrality rules in place and Sanders is every neocon’s nightmare and every progressive’s dream!

As I have said before on this blog, I endorse candidates one at a time. Candidates do not receive blanket endorsements through the DCCC or the DSCC merely by claims of being Democratic. The candidate must demonstrate not only their grasp of the issues we face and the words to express them, but must reveal the actions they will take to accomplish the goals of a true progressive messenger of the people. I submit that Charles Sanders is the “real deal” and worthy of a vote on September 15 and again on November 7!

Visit Charles Sanders’ website with the link below, examine his solid strategies to repeal the abject horror we are currently facing with the Bush Administration and his crony-based, Republican Congress and donate to a candidate worthy of office and America’s trust!

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Charles Sanders For Congress!


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