Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ohio's Dewine Shows Why He is Still Bush's Number One Apologist!

DeWine Says If Intel Had Been Accurate, Congress Would Not Have Authorized War In Iraq

From the Sherrod Brown Press Room, August 23, 2006
Re-posted by Frank J. Ranelli

COLUMBUS, OH - Standing next to Senator John McCain as he criticized the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq, Senator Mike DeWine said yesterday at a news conference in Columbus that Congress would not have had the chance to authorize the war had the U.S. intelligence on Iraq been accurate. "It would never have come up for a vote so it would have been an entirely different situation," said DeWine

Instead of rigorously investigating the intelligence that sent Ohio's brave men and women to war in Iraq, Senator DeWine slept through Intelligence Committee hearings," said U.S. Representative Sherrod Brown, who voted against the war in Iraq. "Mike DeWine rubberstamped the Bush administration's faulty intelligence and repeated claims about biological and chemical weapons that did not materialize."

DeWine said he was "not sure whether Congress would have voted to approve war in Iraq had lawmakers known intelligence indicating Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was based on second hand and unreliable information . . . We relied on indirect evidence, what turned out to be unreliable evidence"

Senator DeWine based his vote to go to war with Iraq on inaccurate and unreliable evidence that he had the opportunity and duty to review.

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DeWine Still Can't Say "I am sorry" to Ohio

Yet, to this day, Dewine continues to be the echo-chamber for Bush/Rove talking points. He has failed to explain the failure of oversight, the mass manipulation of intelligence and his vote for a war that he knew, or should have known, was based on indirect, outdated and very wobbly evidence. Despite all this, DeWine still supports the war, still sucks up to Bush at every chance and has NEVER apologized to Ohioans or Americans for a wrong and misguided vote to support the war. A war that has now cost 300 billion dollars and the lives of 2600 American service men.

Senator DeWine can't seem to admit when he is wrong. Ron Paul of Texans and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, both Republicans, have recanted their support and vote for the the war since massive, contradictive evidence has proven Iraq did not possess WMD's and Iraq had, "Nothing" to do with the World Trade Center Bombings. ( A direct quote from Bush.)

Staying the course simply means perpetuating an infinite lie in order to save face for incompetent and lacking oversight. It takes a man to admit when he is wrong and a bigger man to correct his mistakes. DeWine has done neither. Which makes him neither a person of integrity nor much less, a man.

Ranelli Endorses Brown

Sherrod Brown voted against the war from the beginning. Even after it was approved, he advocated heavily giving the troops the tools, equipment and body armor they needed. Something that the Bush administration has poorly done or not done at all. Brown also wants Osama bin Laden found, contrary to the Bush position of, "I don't think much about him."

Brown also wants significant troop withdrawals starting this October. A first step towards rectifying a tragic error in judgment by Bush and company and the first step in the reparation process of how America is seen around the world.

As a political author and researcher, I take each candidate on their individual merits, issues, record and history. I study them carefully and take time to review as much material as I can about each one of them. This includes their voting records in Congress as a whole, not just on key issues.

As they say in the NFL, "after careful review", I have decide that Sherrod Brown is worthy of my endorsement for U.S. Senator for Ohio. He should be humbled and proud. I don't endorse any politician lightly!

Visit and donate to the Sherrod Brown Campaign at: Sherrod Brown for Senate


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