Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reading, Religion and Comprehension

Frank J. Ranelli

I am not a religious guy, but I can read the Bible. And it's pretty damn clear that anyone who argues for the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the sick and the weak isn't just morally repugnant, they're at odds with the words of Jesus Christ himself.

"If I have two religious folks making an argument before me, and one tries to persuade me that bombing, torture, theocracy, corporate welfare, and secret prisons are OK based on their interpretation of their sacred book[s], and the other advises feeding the poor, giving a leg up to our fellow man, healing the sick, and treating all with equality, I'm going to make my decision on who to support based on the strength of their arguments, the track record of their leaders, and the consequences of failure or error. And let me tell you, with George Bush and the neocons in power, that decision is a lock on all three counts."


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