Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Glenn Beck Defined


Glenn Beckperson; 1. Small-minded, diminutive demagogue who parrots authoritarian, right-wing, vitriolic hate speech using a covert demeanor that is a cross between Opie Taylor and Gomer Pyle. 2. Polemic pundit who personifies the words “pusillanimous and prejudice.”

Seriously, Glenn Beck is a beady-eyed, paranoid, supercilious buffoon with a rampant case of xenophobia. He is a moronic apologist for the radical right and a sniveling, cowardly weasel. His folksy "oh gosh" fake veneer does not hide his seething bigotry and astounding ignorance. Glenn Beck is a wanna-be Bill O'Reilly who is helping turn CNN into "Fox News-light."

CNN should immediately fire Beck for his vile regurgitation of ignorance and bigotry on air. Then, he should be charged with inciting hate crimes in public and sent to "Gitmo"; processed as an 'enemy combatant' and denied Habeas Corpus for providing material support and aiding in unadulterated ignorance, intolerance and the sick, audacious promotion of neoconservative crimes against civility and the Bill of Rights.

How's that Patriot Act working for you now, Glenn?



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