Friday, December 01, 2006

Vigilante Troops Doll Out Ultra-harsh Punishment for Stealing Wood!

A group of U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq – true knuckle-heads in this case – decided to be judge, jury and executioner all on their own – to a group of Iraqis who where accused of stealing some wood. What these lowbrow, crude meatheads extemporaneously decided upon, likely without orders or authorization from any superiors, was to teach the cowering, unarmed, and helpless Iraqi civilians a lesson in American might and Red-White & Blue justice.

These dullards of dimwittedness, while hovering over a group of crouching, frightened men and even a child, try in hopeless vane to admonish them for their petty theft while speaking in English. When the language barrier proves too much, this group of “defacto sheriffs” take matters into their own hands.

After some pompous chest beating and mugging for the camera, two of these mental midgets pull out their side arms, indiscriminately open-fire on the car and shoot out the windows and the tires. Still loaded with testosterone, “GI Joe” and his henchmen decide to crush the car with their tank. Rolling over the car several times with the massive force of the burgeoning tank, they smash the car flat and then offer a chilling declaration of how justice had been served by announcing, “That’s what you get when you loot!”

Later, the narrator tells us the owner of the car was a taxi cab driver who needed the car for his livelihood. So much for the crime fitting the punishment and another case of heroes to zeros status for our U.S. military. No wonder we are not seen as liberators and greeted with flowers at our feet. If this is liberation and freedom, then perhaps the Iraqis might prefer and long-for the good old days of Saddam.

Certainly, these lug-headed thugs are not ultimately to blame. Placing mere children in a foreign land with “big boy toys” is the ill-fated decision of our glib Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush. With brash, ill-advised statement like “bring ‘em on” from Bush, it’s no wonder morality, fairness and a sense of dignity has been lost in the message to our service men and women.

It makes you wonder, “Just who are the terrorists and who is using weapons of mass destruction on whom?”

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