Monday, January 29, 2007

The Coming ’08 Democratic Landslide, Courtesy of Bush


President Bush's approval rating rests at just 30 percent in the latest Newsweek poll, the lowest approval rating recorded for this president in that poll's history. Equally unnerving for Bush and Republicans is the Newsweek poll shows an astounding 64 percent -- nearly two-thirds -- of all Americans disapprove of Bush's performance as president.

In juxtaposition with a CBS News poll conducted on January 22, 2007, which reported an approval rating of a sinking and bleak 28 percent, George W. Bush unmistakably continues to alienate and disappoint more and more Americans, while virtually ensuring even greater Democratic victories at the next election cycle in 2008.

In this first poll conducted for Newsweek since the State of the Union last Tuesday, a disgusted 58 percent of respondents said, "They wish the Bush presidency was simply over." Practically 86 percent of Democrats shared that same outlook, compared to 59 percent of Independents, and 21 percent of Republicans. The poll also confirms that Bush's herniated and sagging approval rating may seriously impact the race for his successor.

Nearly half -- 49 percent -- of all registered voters would rather see a Democrat elected president in 2008 while just 28 percent covet a Republican. In other words, Americans have a greater desire for a Democratic president by 43% over a Republican president. Translating this into a mock, 2008 election poll -- when historically candidates running for any public office, who enjoy double-digit leads over their opponent, almost always prevail -- the 43% margin suggests a monumental landslide by a Democrat to land in the Whitehouse in 2008.

Bush, the self-proclaimed “Decider” may indeed have delivered an irrevocable decree to the American people, this time however, his intractable decision-making may have sealed certain defeat for a Republican heir to ascend to the Oval Office.



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