Sunday, August 13, 2006

America's Message to the Powers-That-Be!

From DailyKos, State of the Nation:

by SusanG., comments by Frank J. Ranelli

The Message is the Message!

"Let's make it even simpler, shall we? The oh-so-mysterious message to elected officials is: People are sick unto death of war, of unresponsive representation, of incompetence, of corruption, of ever-more-intrusive government, of a spiraling deficit, of lobbyist-owned and corporation-sponsored politicians, of a power-hungry president, of six years of attempts to pass stick-up-the-ass moralizing legislation telling us when and how we can die and when and how we can reproduce. Get out of our personal lives, get the hell out of Iraq and do your freaking job - run the government competently, economically and fairly. Period."

Pundits, apologists, sycophants and "Shock-Talk" TV and Radio show hosts, (Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage - you know I am talking about YOU) aside, the REST of America is sick and tired of all this hocus-pocus garbage coming out of Washington's hat! If ANY of these people paid a single bit of attention to the actual voices of Americans, they would know that we don't care that William Kristol and the PNAC "don't think its a good idea" to pull out of Iraq. We, the American people care; we care about how the world perceives us, how our money is spent and how our government - that WE elect - represents us on a global scale. We care that people, innocent people, are being killed and maimed in OUR good name!

If the Lamont win was not enough to send a stern warning over the "bow of your sinking ship" - that America is done with this propagandized, endless parade of politcizing a never-ending, illegal war for power, privilege and profits - then the message we will send ALL civil servants that serve "master Bush" and not the people of these United States will come by way of a "voting torpedo" into the bowels of your floundering beast of bureaucracy! The expulsive message will be this:


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