Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bush and Company Playing for Keeps!

Frank J. Ranelli

As outlined by the NY Times today, the Bush regime has not been "slowed down" one bit by the recent Hamdan Supreme Court ruling. In fact, as outlined below, they are moving full steam ahead! The Bush administration is NOT "phased" or deterred by ANY decision by ANY court, mandate, order or even act of God!

Team Bush is playing for keeps and they MEAN it!

Look, people that steal elections, roll in the stench of obscene amounts of money obtained through war-for-profits manifestos disguised as exportation of democracy and believe they are on a "mission from God" do not go away quietly. They keep on doing EXACTLY as they were doing unless met with over-powering resistance -- something that is not in the forecast!

Here is just a snippet of the 32-page bill that Bush's team has concoted to act as an immediate counter-measure to the Supreme Court ruling,

Legislation drafted by the Bush administration setting out new rules on bringing terror detainees to trial would allow hearsay evidence to be introduced unless it was deemed "unreliable" and would permit defendants to be excluded from their own trials if necessary to protect national security, according to a copy of the proposal.

Did you catch that? Defendants could be excluded, from their own trial, "if necessary to protect national security." So much for getting your day in court!

Does anyone think that Nero or Hitler would have stepped down or began to obey even basic laws of humanity if handed a "court document" ordering them to do so? I am sure they would have ignored it, as history so conclusively proves, just as Bush has ignored every law that he has deemed in contrast to his interpretation of the Constitution!

Laws only work when they are not only abided by, but enforced! Since no one is enforcing the law, only rehashing new interpretations of the same 230 years old laws, Bush will continue with doing exactly what he has done from the beginning:

Ignore OUR Laws and/or make up his own that fits his inerrant view of himself.

This quote from is sadly true,

The "administration" has no intention of obeying the law because nobody has proven to them that they can make them do it. And until that's proven, they'll just say we're all just pre-wrong.

Talk is cheap and words are just that, words on paper unless action is taken. To date, I have not seen one solid piece of evidence, from either side of the aisle, to suggest that any meaningful action will be taken to put an end to Bush's imperial conquest.

Someone prove me wrong, but my take on this latest revelation from the Bush camp is that if and until articles of impeachment are introduced in the House, everything else has been mere window dressing to hide the ugly truth that resides inside the Whitehouse: That we have a despotic tyrant who does not, nor ever did, plan on obeying any laws that subvert his venal, perverse, imperialistic agenda.

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NY Times: White House Bill Proposes System to Try Detainees Hamdan not applicable to torture, spying, or... Hamdan.


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