Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keith Olbermann's Very Special Comment and one of my one!

Frank J. Ranelli

Olbermann's special comment today was indeed, very special. So often we hear moving speeches from politicians -- for better or worse -- but this commentary, by an MSNBC reporter was so riveting, so engaging and scathingly accurate that it will likely be enshrined for generations of TV viewers to come.

Olbermann deserves a littany of awards for his narrative and attention to the seemingly obvious, yet somehow, at least by some still ignored: the plain and painful facts! Still, the glaring and most important segment of Olbermann's speech was this:

The polite phrase for how so many of us were duped into supporting a war, on the false premise that it had 'something to do' with 9/11 is "lying by implication."

The impolite phrase is "impeachable offense."

To the best of my memory, this is the first MSM reporter, journalist, writer, etc. that has outright called for what must be done; IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT!

Olbermann's transcript and video can be seen here:


Now, for my own special comment about our 43rd president:

George W. Bush, a President who long ago stopped serving America and used an epic tragedy to stab at the hearts of millions when we were most vulnerable, created a divide so wide that many are inescapably disconnected from reality, and when the waves of truth rushed back in, he turned his back -- awash in an ugliness so profoundly grotesque -- only to reprehensibly denigrate, belittle, falsely accuse, and to lay his own shame and macabre of a legacy of lies on his own constituents merely searching for the truth in a sea of mendacity and an ocean of vicious opportunistic politicizing hoping that He, and He alone would united the people's government and themselves in a journey straight into hell -- truth, honor, and dignity be damn!

Mr. President, you are a thief, a fake, an imposter, and most of all a vociferous liar. You are a failure in life, a failure as a human being and a failure to the American people. America has a remedy for such catastrophic errors in judgment and redresses for grievous relapses in blind obedience to a despotic man whose selfishness and total lack of compassion has destroyed the faith of a nation, ours, and broke the back and the sanity of another, Iraq. That very remedy is impeachment. For that remedy is the most kind of punishments that should be dispensed upon you and in the eyes of this American, treason, war crimes and crimes against a nation and the human race itself should swiftly follow!

Mr. President, may some one have mercy on your soul, for it surly will not be me.


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