Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dem Leaders Pen a "Dear Mr. President Letter"

Frank J. Ranelli

Democratic leaders, including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, sent a letter to President Bush today urging him to change course in Iraq and that,

"There is little evidence that the Bush Administration and Congressional Republicans have a coherent strategy to stabilize Iraq."

Wow, that was insipid, banal and trite. A less than even pedestrian effort to convince the Idiot-in-Chief, Bush, that his failed foreign policy is, well, failing!

While the letter, which you can read here, Dear Mr. President, Simply Staying the Course in Iraq is Not Working, is at least, a unified message from every ranking democrat on virtually every House and Senate committee.

The problem is, writing letter to a man who publicly admits he does NOT read, is unlikely to produce results. Further, asking Bush to "pleease withdraw the troops" because we "asked nicely", is analogous to sending a letter to the neighborhood bully and asking for your ball back or to not get beat up again -- it is likely to fall on deaf ears and meet the circular file in a rapid fashion!

While I applaud the democratic leadership for finally bringing forth a cohesive message about the illegal act of aggression against Iraq after three years, I wonder how long or how many more people will die before a unified cry of impeachment will echo in the halls of congress?!


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