Friday, August 11, 2006

America's Police State Begins!

Frank J. Ranelli

The picture at the right is not a still scene from the latest action-thriller movie, its a REAL photograph, taken by MIKE STOCKER of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL newspaper! The caption read, "Miami Dade Police officer Mark Huetter patrols the concourse yesterday at Miami International Airport."

This is what a police state looks like, America! A heavily armed police guard walking around Miami International Airport carrying a loaded, high-powered automatic assault rifle! Is that much fire-power necessary to look for bottles of Gatorade purported to be "intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale". The plain answer is no.

What this is, in reality, is another example of how the Bush cartel will use another fake, national crisis, just before September 11 and in front of the mid-term elections, to play on the easily duped American public through manipulation of fear.

A careful examination of this latest playing of the "terror card" to trump out logic and invoke irrational sentiment, is purely a ploy and a stunt by Bush and company to scare the people of this country into believing that a rigid police state, wholly controlled by Bush, is a safe state!

Not so fast, Georgie, boy! While the talking heads at FOX News are trumpeting another "failed terror attack" foiled by Bush's "war on terror", the rest of America is taking a "slightly" different view:


I say that because from MSM networks, such as CNN, to thousands of blogs, which encompasses tens of millions of people, the overwhelming belief is either this was another concocted, "galvanizing event" or it doesn't play-out well for the Republicans. Actually its quite the opposite.

A few examples:

From Think Progressive's Headlines:

White House officials have admitted — and news reports have verified — the Bush administration apparently had little to do with foiling the potential “second September 11.”

From The American Propective:

Terror Arrests Bolster Democratic Case Against Bush - "[That] the terror plot showed that the administration's homeland security policies were woefully inadequate"

From The Columbus Dispatch Hot Issue Blog:

"I believe this whole thing was fabricated to give us a false sense of security."

It's beginning to unravel and backfire for the neocon fascists illegally occupying the Whitehouse. It has taken 5 plus years for people to wake-up, catch on and open their eyes, but the revolt against the Bush empire and its insdieous plan to create a gobal hegemony and to recall and destroy our Constitution is finally underway. We must now be every more vigilant to those that took hostage our nation - as I am certain that they will only "ratchet up" the propaganda - now that a majority of people don't believe their "chicken little" defense and escuses any longer.

False alarms, stronger attempts to usurp civil liberties and vast amounts of demagoguery are sure to follow. Remember,

"People that steal elections, roll in the stench of obscene amounts of money obtained through war-for-profits manifestos disguised as exportation of democracy and believe they are on a "mission from God" do not go away quietly."

My new motto:

Pro-American/ Anti-Bush!

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