Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Announcing, Vantage Point Radio - the Aggressive and Progressive Internet Talk Radio Show!

August 15, 2007

Join and listen in every Friday as host Frank J Ranelli teams up with Nick Sabatino weekly to provide a critical and progressive analysis of politics, war, and religion in the 21st century.

Each and every Friday Nick Sabatino, a hard-hitting and rapid-fire political science major presses Frank J. Ranelli, an erudite political writer and researcher, to peer back through the looking glass with a discerning and progressive eye at the perilous politics, radical religiosity and pre-emptive wars of the new millennium enacted by the odious policies of obsequious Republicans and the neoconservative Bush Administration.

Every Friday, Nick and Frank will take head-on, discuss and debunk the latest right-wing spin, expose the propaganda of the nefarious Republican agenda and lay bare the truths about the inane beliefs in deities, dogma, and the status quo.

Tune in, take the next revolutionary step in blogging – live Blog Talk Radio – and listen in as Nick and Frank look beyond the artificial grandeurs of elective war, unmask blind nationalism and fake patriots, and map out a better America with a uniquely fresh and progressive outlook!

Listeners are encouraged to call in to Vantage Point Radio at, 646-716-9082 and join in the discussion with Nick and Frank. You can find show scheduling, future planned topics, invited guests and even download archives of past shows for free! Vantage Point Radio can be found at: .

Please Join Nick and Frank this Friday, August 17, 2007, for their inaugural show, where they will cover the Weekly Progressive Review, a re-cap and analysis of the past week’s events, in and out of the political arena, as well as the feature topic: Is Conservatism a mental disorder? Science may hold the answer!

Silence is complicity and the time has come for Progressive Americans to have a voice!

For a sneak-peak preview, click play on the embedded media player below and hear a 15-minute sample of Vantage Point Radio - the Aggressive and Progressive Internet Talk Radio Show!

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