Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Real Call-up to Duty?

Every wish the Bush twins or the Romney boys could get drafted? Do you want to see the rest of the warmongering crowd, military service dodgers who brought you the debacle in Iraq forced to enlist (or at least their children or families)? Do you feel like the “burden of a ruinous war” should be shared by all?

Lucky for the bellicose and combative among us who crave infinte war, cheer it on, and advocate Global American Militarism, there is hope.

Yes, those who desire war the most may actually get their chance to participate on the front lines and in the hot sands of the Iraq quagmire.

In the video below, General David Petraeus states Iraq will be “a nine or ten year endeavor.” While Bush’s new War Czar, General Douglas Lute, on August 10, 2007, intimates at the return of a draft to promote and promulgate more, endless war.

Will the raucous and vociferously hawkish among us finally “step in line” or will calls for conscription send them running for college deferments and medical waivers?

Watch it!

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