Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why Conservatives Can’t Govern

June 21, 2008

The straightforward, yet wholly emblematic and exemplary truth about conservatives – how they view government and how they govern – can be discerned from the utter underpinnings of what conservative values [sic] denote. In essence, one cannot stand in opposition to a government of the people and then set about being good stewards of the government when placed in positions within the very government they oppose. If one possesses a grand antipathy for government then it is antithetical to believe that the same people who are hostile to its (government) very existence could – or will – be competent at governing in any way conceivable.

Put another way, a person or group of people who deem government as the problem therefore becomes (or creates) the problem and not the solution. When conservatives adjoin with the exact entity (government) that powers the will of the people – with which they have such anathema for and have pronounced it as the ills of what ails us – we as a citizenry and a nation are irreparably harmed.

To be curt or pithy, Republicans are the “party of me” and Democrats are the “party of we.” Henceforth, We the People, hereby demand our government be returned to its rightful owners, “the People of these United States”, and not a group of despotic plutocrats who are fueled by hatred and run on narcissistic greed.



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