Thursday, February 28, 2008

The absence of proof as God


Religion is still the greatest threat to humankind’s own extinction. It is gravely disturbing that the ABSENCE OF PROOF is the clarion call for a large swath of sanctimonious supporters who believe a dubious figure of ancient canonical lore will magically appear, and soon, as a redeemer for the devoted few.

However, it is refreshing that an emergence of sanity – through a renaissance of rational-thinkers – has risen up in opposition to the religious, reactionary throng of certitude in mysticism as authenticity.

So many of us are duped into denial and deluded by proselytizers who indoctrinate us from life’s true reality. Therefore, I find it to be a prescient sign of the 21st century’s ‘movement realism’ that has begun to wholesale reject religion and the foolish optimism of mystic liberating deities.

Finally, a small but bonafided subset of critical and independent-minded thinkers have emerged to confront once-sacred canon as dubious and not beyond reproach. Thusly, the time has come to dispel the myths, lies, and duplicity of religion.

It is time for that “true reality” to be revealed – that god simply does not exist.



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