Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Somber Ship of State


The rise of the Authoritarians and Neoconservatives – and their manifest drive to create oligarchies for business and a plutocratic society – should generate immense concern and desire for a seminal change, but will it ever?

As a progressive research writer and author of four years now, I find a vast majority of Americans apathetic, dejected and complacent, rather than galvanized and poised to affect desperately needed change. Among other causes, “distracted consumerism” may be, in my judgment, a core cause.

When O.J. Simpson’s latest arrest garners the lion’s share of media coverage, while the restoration of a keystone of democracy, habeas corpus, receives only a cursory glance, I find myself disturbed and worried that Americans have truly lost our way and our roots as an egalitarian society governed by the rule of law.

As contemporaries of it, are we too myopic to see we are living through another gilded age and only history, long after this era has ended, will correctly narrate the events of the first part of the 21st century?



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