Thursday, July 19, 2007

Soldier Challenges Bush & Congress to Step into the Morass

Watch it!

Specialist Michael Vassell:

“I challenge anybody in Congress to do my rotation... Because we have people up there in Congress with the brain of a two-year-old who don’t know what they’re doing...I challenge the president to ride along with me for 15 months."

Click on the link below and watch the ABC video of an,

"Exclusive Look at Soldiers on the Front Line"

This rare, candid and somber video confirms, in lurid and stark details, of the daily horrors and despair that soldiers and Iraqis face together, while Bush prosecutes his 'War on Terror" in Iraq.

The casualties in this video include, six U.S. soldiers burned to death in an up-ended Humvee from an IED, an old woman's wits; whose tears and shrieks of terror echo eerily in your mind long after the video stops, and finally a taxi driver erroneously shot to death by over-vigilant, weary and nervous American troops -- from an extended 15-month tour -- who was circling a neighborhood looking for an address to pick up a customer.

Six U.S. soldiers, an old woman and a cab driver: fighting "them" there, so we don't have to fight them here....

Think about it, America.

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