Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sherrod Brown Capitulates to Bush and Torture!

Frank J. Ranelli

Four weeks ago, after a careful review of Sherrod Brown, I made a public endorsement of Sherrod Brown on Ranelli Rants. Today, Sherrod Brown, the man who voted against the AUMF in the first place, surrendered and bowed down to the Bush cartel.

At the time this is what I said:

Ranelli Endorses Brown

Sherrod Brown voted against the war from the beginning. Even after it was approved, he advocated heavily giving the troops the tools, equipment and body armor they needed. Something that the Bush administration has poorly done or not done at all. Brown also wants Osama bin Laden found, contrary to the Bush position of, "I don't think much about him."

Brown also wants significant troop withdrawals starting this October. A first step towards rectifying a tragic error in judgment by Bush and company and the first step in the reparation process of how America is seen around the world.

As a political author and researcher, I take each candidate on their individual merits, issues, record and history. I study them carefully and take time to review as much material as I can about each one of them. This includes their voting records in Congress as a whole, not just on key issues.

As they say in the NFL, "after careful review", I have decide that Sherrod Brown is worthy of my endorsement for U.S. Senator for Ohio. He should be humbled and proud. I don't endorse any politician lightly!

Thirty-four Democrats voted in favor of the bill, including, Sherrod Brown! Brown, who is in a tight race with Mike DeWine in Ohio for the Senate, appears to have forfeited his progressive values and the rule of law, in order to score election points.

HR6166, The military Commissions Act, that essential legalizes torture, offers unparalleled and historic power to the President, and even a new definition of “enemy combatant” so broad it could include an anti-war protester, passed the House under Roll Call 491.

Besides the obvious embarrassment of my own, vocal support and endorsement of Brown, the larger picture here is that Brown, who opposed the AUMF in the first place, is now essentially endorsing it and the Republican agenda!

This is a major blow to Ohio and the Country. Regardless of whether we get Brown or DeWine as our next Senator, we are fundamentally assured of being eschewed any real leadership or voice in the Senate, once again.

It doubly goes to show that, in my opinion, all politicians are corrupt, and when their career is on the line, they will yield to pressure and abandon both principle and party.

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You can read the Roll Call 491 here:

More to follow....


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